16 June 2018

#52weeknailchallenge - week 24: Blue + Yellow

Hi everyone,

a short post for a quick manicure as I should be in bed by now... but I wanted to post this one first ;)

14 June 2018

#52weeknailchallenge - week 23: Winter

Hi everyone!

Week 23 brought on the winter prompt. Winter... yep, this is definitely a challenge that was thought up by someone on the southern hemisphere as it's still gorgeous summer weather over here :) So I decided to see if I could create a manicure that does go with the challenge for the week but wouldn't look too weird during summertime. I think I did a decent job:

10 June 2018

#52weeknailchallenge - week 22: Favourite Superhero

Hi everyone!

The prompt for week 22 was Favourite Superhero. Right... superhero... and favourite on top of that!
I've never had a thing for Superman, Iron Man, Captain America or any other guy or girl in a spandex suit who zips across the screen, rescuing the world at the last moment. It's not that I hate them, they're just not my cup-of-tea so I don't go to the cinema to watch the movies, I don't buy the comics, etc., which means I don't have a favourite superhero either.

So I turned to Google to see if any superhero would spark an idea. The only one that seemed interesting was Natasha Romanov aka the Black Widow, probably because I like the combination of black (suit), red (hair) and gold (belt). This is what my superhero manicure looks like (idea definitely stolen from, borrowed from, inspired by Michelle):