28 April 2017

Friday Triad: inspired by Paulina's Passions

Hi everyone,

the last Friday of the month is here so it's time for the monthly Triad manicure with Juanita and Michelle. This month's inspiration was chosen by Juanita and is the first manicure in this article by Paulina from Paulina's Passions: roses on sheer black.

This is my version:

22 April 2017

Pastel smoosh manicure

Hi everyone!

It's still very cold and gray over here (it's 11 degrees Celsius where it should be around 16-17 this time of year) so I was craving colors (and a thick sweater, a scarf and mittens ;) and if the sun wouldn't come out, I wanted sunny colors on my nails... so, inspired by a manicure by @nadioula_ on Instagram, I grabbed a cream, a yellow and a peach and sat down for some me-time. This is what my nails look like at the moment:

20 April 2017

Dutch spring on my nails

Hi everyone!

I wanted something nice on my nails for Easter but I hit a total block... no inspiration at all! While trying to come up with something (and my mood deteriorating at an increasing rate in the process) I happened to look out the window at the rain falling from the cloudy sky and the total lack of anything even remotely close to spring and tadaa... the little cogs in my head FINALLY started turning! I decided to do a spring manicure but one inspired on the springtime we currently have: gray, gray and more gray, and some tulips thrown in for good measure as I live in Holland and we're famous for our tulips of course :)