16 September 2017

My Northern Ireland nails

Hi everyone!

It's been a while since my last post but I have a good great excuse: we have been away for a short trip to Northern Ireland! We were invited by a family friend and as my husband passed his last exam and I could get a week off from work, we booked a flight, packed a bag and off we were, to the land of 40 shades of green (or at least that's what I've been told but I swear they can easily add a zero to the end of that number and there are still more shades to be seen). I won't bore you with a zillion pictures of the lovely pastures and the beautiful mountains and the incredible sea (update: but if you are interested... scroll all the way down, you can blame/thank Juanita for them), but I will show you what has been on my nails the entire week and only showed a bit of tip wear when we arrived home yesterday evening (or rather very very very early this morning):

03 September 2017

Sparkly fall

Hi everyone,

it's September so that means summer is almost over and fall is eagerly waiting for its turn. This morning I smelled that special scent in the air that says fall's almost here and I decided to make my nails look like the glorious sunny autumn day that I remember from a trip to Canada, with trees dressed in all sorts of gorgeous reds and oranges and golds and twittering birds hidden in those leaves (instead of the drabby yellowy-greens and browns and screeching seagulls that are outside my window at the moment ;) And this is the final manicure:

27 August 2017

Purple with thingies

Hi everyone!

Anyone who knows me a bit knows that I'm not a big fan of polishes that are basically everything but the kitchen sink in a bottle, you know: glitter + holo + flakies + whatever else can be stuffed in there. It has to be a very special polish that has a lot going on and that catches my eye... but it happened! I have a gorgeous purple polish with thingies to show you so without further ado, here's my manicure: