26 July 2019

Friday Triad: inspired by Nail Polish Society

Hi everyone!

Another month has passed so it's Triad day again, the last Friday of the month where Juanita, Michelle and me take turns picking a manicure that is the inspiration for all three of us. This month was Michelle's turn and oh, boy, did she cheat!!! She chose this beautiful manicure by Emiline from Nail Polish Society... and the original was done using nail wraps! How can a girl do something similar? I actually checked and the exact same wraps are still for sale, but that would be cheating, right? Oh... wait...

But no, I decided to take the inspired-by route and used just nail polish and tools, and this is the result:

28 June 2019

Friday Triad: inspired by The Adorned Claw

Hi everyone!

You probably know by now that the one day I never fail to post is the last Friday of the month. That's the day Juanita, Michelle and myself post a manicure that was inspired by a manicure one of us picked. This month was my turn to find an inspiration and I picked one that has been on my to do list for ages... because all the striping tape scared me! It's this stunning manicure by Ruth from The Adorned Claw. And this is my attempt at recreating it with different colors:

26 June 2019

Shimmery flowers

Hi everyone,

this is a manicure that was on my nails last week, so here's a quick post to show it off anyway as I think it's too pretty to remain hidden ;)