01 October 2018

Happy 14th birthday nails

Hi everyone!

Recently my eldest niece celebrated her 14th birthday. She's getting more and more interested in nail art (she has her own stamper, some plates and as of her party she has a good detail brush and more plates) so of course I couldn't go to her party without a new manicure... and this is what I created:

29 September 2018

#52weeknailchallenge - week 39: Smoosh

Hi everyone!

You may have thought I had forgotten about the 52 Week Nail Art Challenge as it's been ages since I did a prompt. True, it has been way too long, but unfortunately work and health didn't cooperate to allow me to produce anything. That is, until this week! I love a smoosh manicure (which is this week's challenge), my nails were almost ready to walk out on me if they didn't receive a new manicure, and I needed to let off some steam (which I do either by polishing my nails or playing Diablo 3)... so I decided to see if I could still manage a smoosh :)

And then I had to pick colors... and lacking any kind of inspiration I resorted to looking through my previous manicures and I spotted a blue-peach-white one that set off some minor sparks in my brain. I knew I had a really pretty dark blue polish and after some searching I found it: OPI Turn on the Northern Lights! I added a peach textured polish that was chosen by my husband and my go to white creme, and this is the result:

28 September 2018

The rejected version - Friday Triad take 2

Hi everyone!

I know, a second post on the same day? Shocking! But both Michelle and Juanita expressed their curiosity about the rejected, beige-brown version of my Triad manicure so I figured, why not write about it right now, when I have a little free time :)

I have to warn you though, I totally didn't do the gorgeous polishes I used any justice so please search for swatches by people who actually know how to photograph holographic polishes if you want to know what they look like in real life, deal? Alright! In that case, here you go: