08 November 2017

Dusty chevrons

Hi everyone!

Quick post for a manicure that was anything but quick, but that I'm really proud of. There are some techniques in nail art that I can't get the hang of so I don't use them very often. Striping tape is one of them. But since I don't have fancy stamping plates that contain straight lines and my vinyl collection is pathetic doesn't contain any chevrons or straight lines, I decided to face my nemesis again and grabbed the striping tape from the back of my drawer. It took the better part of the afternoon but I think the end result is worth it:

03 November 2017

Coral marble manicure

Hi everyone!

My last post has been a week and I haven't touched nail polish since I did the triad manicure until just now. Instead I spent my days sneezing, sniffling and generally feeling awful as the yearly flu decided to come and visit for a while... but the tip wear and chipping became too much so I dragged myself out of bed to do my nails. I wasn't really up to doing something complicated so I decided to go for marbled stamping (or is that stamped marbling?) using a pretty coral polish, and this is the result:

27 October 2017

Friday Triad: inspired by @badgirlnails (again)

Hi everyone,

the last Friday of the month means Michelle, Juanita and me get to play with colors again. This time Juanita chose the inspiration and she predicted she would get death threats... and I can't say I wasn't tempted! I mean, come on, spiders? For real? (in case you don't know, I totally am a city girl and I despise crawly creepy insects) So be warned if you want to check out the manicure that was the inspiration for my nails (that are way less scary ;)