30 November 2018

Friday Triad: inspired by Paulina's Passions

Hi everyone!

Can you believe it's the last day of November 2018 already? I still feel like someone secretly stole a week or two as this month has zipped by with lightning speed! But my calendar shows it is the last Friday of the month so it's time for the Triad manicure again. And boy, this one was TOUGH!

Michelle picked a pretty summer manicure by Paulina from Paulina's Passions... that was completely freehanded! Of course you all know I can't freehand a stick figure, let alone an entire manicure! So I already knew I would be stamping stuff on my nails. But I really didn't feel any summer vibes so I decided I was going for contrast, opposites, turn this thing into a wintery scene! And that's where the trouble started. I picked a gorgeous white that resembled fresh snow, I had the perfect pine green and... I pulled a blank... a huge blank... the biggest blank in history! I literally spent two weeks trying to figure out what to do and nothing came to me. I even started on a manicure and it resulted to nothing (well, a lot of frustrations ;)

On Thursday evening (yep, yesterday) I desperately went to once again look at the video that Paulina had recorded to see if maybe freehanding something would be possible after all. When I read the title, something clicked inside my brain at last. Her nails were inspired by a Hawaiian shirt! (don't ask me why I didn't see that before... I guess a frustrated brain doesn't work that well) And while I don't like the pattern for clothing, I do like the combination of big leaves and flowers so I put all previously selected polishes and plates aside and went on a hunt for materials I could use in a Hawaiian shirt manicure that would still fit my non-summer mood... and I think I succeeded, see:

21 November 2018

#52weeknailchallenge - week 46: Stripes

Hi everyone!

Quick post for a manicure that was supposed to be quick as well, but took a little longer than expected. This week's prompt: Stripes, and this is my manicure that goes with it:

15 November 2018

#52weeknailchallenge - week 45: Orange + Yellow

Hi everyone!

Today's post is coming to you from... my bedroom :(
Yup, the dreaded flu has struck again so I'm reduced to a sniffling, feverish, whining mess that would be convinced the world was coming to an end if I were a guy ;) Although, that's unfair to my guy who patiently dug up an ancient laptop, connected it to the internet, installed all security updates from the last ten years or so, and even got my photo editor on there (I know, he's the best... but in this case I think it may also have something to do with me reaching the limits of his patience with all the complaints about how I still had pictures waiting and week 45 was over already and I was way behind and I couldn't do a thing with this small mobile to edit pictures or write a post, yada yada yada... I really am the worst patient ever!).

Anyway, I got my connection to the outside world and I can finally show you what I did for the Orange + Yellow prompt that I was actually ready to skip until I first saw Michelle's and Juanita's manicures and then came across this gorgeous design by Chloé from Klo's to me... and I just knew I wanted to recreate it, with a little twist to make it mine of course ;)