21 May 2017

Pink mermaid nails

Hi everyone,

as you can see below I'm back to shorties. I guess I handled the lint roller a bit too vigorous when I tried to get some thingies of my black shirt. The thingies were gone but so was the top part of the nail of my index finger. 15 minutes of rigorous filing later and all my nails were reduced to what you see in the picture. On the bright side, my thumb nails are now long enough to make a triumphant return ;)

As I love dark polish on shorter nails, I decided to use the darkest red polish I had and pull out several pink-ish and red-ish glittery polishes to create pink mermaid nails... and this is what that looked like when I was finished:

19 May 2017

Nude and neutral

Hi everyone,

Yesterday we had to say our last goodbyes to my aunt Ria who is now finally free of all the pain and discomfort a horrible neuron disease caused her.

I personally don't feel at ease wearing something outspoken or colorful to occasions like these so I set out to create a very unobtrusive manicure that was still me. Disclaimer: this is just how I feel about it and I don't mean to insult or attack anyone who feels otherwise.

13 May 2017

Curveballs and dots

Hi everyone!

Have you missed me? I sure missed you! I know it's been awfully quiet around here for the last two weeks. Life has thrown us a couple of curveballs and we've been scrambling to get everything back to sort of normal. We're not through it all yet but at least I managed to squeeze in some time to write a quick post to let you know I haven't disappeared and I'm still painting my nails (as if anyone had any doubts about that last part ;)

This is what my nails have looked like for the last week (the first week I kept staring at the roses I did for our last Triad post... VNL or not, I loved them!):

indoors, no flash