26 June 2019

Shimmery flowers

Hi everyone,

this is a manicure that was on my nails last week, so here's a quick post to show it off anyway as I think it's too pretty to remain hidden ;)

02 June 2019

Green and gray

Hi everyone!

I wanted to do a happy, colorful manicure so I started out... by picking gray and white ;)
Of course I picked those non-colors for a reason, I wanted them to look nice with the yellow I had in mind. Yellow didn't happen though because I spotted the beautifullest (yep, I've decided that's a word) lime green bottle when I was searching for... what was that color again? So green it was... and that's how this happened:

31 May 2019

Friday Triad: inspired by... me!

Hi everyone!

This month's inspiration for the Triad manicure was chosen by Juanita and she picked this one. It's my dusty chevrons manicure that I did back in November 2017! I won't bore you with the jumping up and down, the running around like crazy, the cheering, the shoving mobile phones under other people's noses to make sure they knew what had happened, because that totally didn't happen... or did it? ;)

Either way, I immediately knew I didn't want to change the overall design (speckled polish, chevrons, floral image) but as it's supposed to be almost summer now (not that the sun knows that but according to my calendar it's just around the corner) I decided to go for a bright color palette this time and what is brighter than neon, right?