18 September 2016

Nadia's manicure using fall colors

Hi everyone!

As I was browsing the web for no other reason than being too tired to even watch tv, I happened to see a pretty blue manicure hidden among several other images that showed up during a Google image search that I can't even remember the keywords for. This is the link to the original post for that manicure. I fell in love with the design immediately and I wanted to recreate it but using different colors with this result:

I started out by painting three thin coats of Barry M Cream Soda on my thumb, index and pinky. I only used one coat on my middle finger as I knew I was going to put a decal on it so it didn't need to be 100% opaque.

My ring finger was painted with two coats and some dabbing of China Glaze I Herd That, a lovely gold-orange-red microglitter that dries to a very fine texture, even more fine than a Pixiedust, and I absolutely love it!

While all of that was drying I made two decals (one for each hand) by painting a rectangle of normal, non fast dry topcoat on a silicone mat, stamping an image from UberChic The Wild West-02 on it using Zoya Codie, filling in some parts using I Herd That and covering the entire rectangle with Cream Soda. And after the decals had dried enough I peeled one off of the mat, cut it roughly to size, put it on my middle finger, firmly rubbed it  and used a brush and acetone to get rid of the excess before adding a coat of Seche Vite. I finished with a coat of Seche Vite on all nails but my ring finger and I was done :)

The bottle shot:
Barry M Cream Soda, China Glaze I Herd That, Zoya Codie
I love my fall colored version of Nadia's manicure but I'm not 100% unbiased ;)
What do you think? Did I do her lovely design some justice?

China Glaze I Herd That was bought from Pretty Polish.


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    1. Thanks Maria! I'm so happy you like it too :)

  2. I loooove your colours... Totally prefer yours.

    1. Hehe, thanks! To be honest, me too but of course I'm slightly partial ;)


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