11 February 2018

#52weeknailchallenge - week 6: Leaves

Hi everyone!

The week is almost at an end but I managed to find a tiny bit of time to show off the manicure I did for the sixth challenge: leaves.

I used three green polishes for this one: lightest is the gorgeous piCture pOlish Dandelion, middle is piCture pOlish Glitch and the darkest one is piCture pOlish Escapades.

I started by painting two thin coats of Escapades on my thumb, index and pinky and two thin coats of Dandelion on my middle and ring finger. Escapades is pretty opaque but Dandelion is way more sheer so I didn't want to use just one coat, even though I planned to do a gradient on top which I did after some waiting for Dandelion to dry. I sponged three rounds to reach full opacity and followed the sponging with a coat of Seche Vite.

Last but not least I used Hit the Bottle As Black As Night to stamp leaves from UberChic Lovely Leaves 2 and sealed the design with another coat of Seche Vite.

piCture pOlish Escapades, piCture pOlish Glitch, piCture pOlish Dandelion, Hit the Bottle As Black As Night

I absolutely love this manicure and it's actually on my nails as I type this (with tipwear so it'll probably be removed right after I finish this post ;) I only wish I had taken the time to make a picture with direct lighting so you could see the beautiful holo sparkles. Oh well, I guess you just have to use your imagination. But I do hope you like my manicure, imaginary sparkles and all ;)

piCture pOlish Dandelion was bought from Pretty Polish.
piCture pOlish Glitch was bought from The Nailista Shop (now closed).


  1. I like this!! A lot!! And hey, I thought escapades was on your wishlist? Or did I inspire you to get it?

    1. Thanks!! And yep, I totally blame you for showing me that irresistible green and making me put it at the top of my wish list so my husband noticed it and subsequently got it for me ;)

    2. Hehe my bad. So uhm now I want glitch....

      I'm so jealous how easy it is for you to get them.


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