25 January 2019

Friday Triad: inspired by @nailsbyjema

Hi everyone,

Surprised to see me? Me too!

To be honest, I didn't think I was going to make it this month. Last year we decided to get our kitchen redone. All was planned perfectly and we should have had only one week of mayhem, after which I would have a gorgeous new kitchen. Sounds simple, right? Wrong! You probably guessed it, for most of the last four weeks I've been surrounded with chaos, dust, plaster, paint and all other stuff that guys apparently thrive on and that forced me to put my entire stash in storage to keep my beauties safe.

So much for my plans to join the 52 Week Nail Art Challenge 2019 edition... (but I hope to catch up once all is back to normal). But nothing could keep me from the Triad manicure! So I picked the colors and the plate I wanted to use by googling swatches and reviews on my mobile, wrote down the names, made my husband dig up the bottles as he went to get some more things we needed and went over to my mom to paint my nails and take pictures with her camera as mine is... ehm... somewhere I can't find it at the moment.

But all obstacles aside, here's my version of Michelle's pick by Nails by Jema:

My manicure started with two thin coats of Cirque Colors Carnegie on my thumb, index and pinky. It wasn't opaque by a long shot, but I wanted to do a gradient on top so I didn't mind. Next came said gradient, pale to dark or cuticle to tip: Cirque Colors Carnegie, Cirque Colors Central Park After Dark and OPI Suzi the First Lady of Nails. I really loved the cloudy gradient Jema made so I tried to imitate that by using a coarser, more open sponge than I usually do (I actually cut a piece of a kitchen sponge that my mom had, as of course I forgot to bring my sponges). I finished these three nails with a generous coat of Seche Vite.

The two accent nails were done with four thin coats of Catrice Kaviar Gauche C01 Butterfly Kiss, a sheer nude. I stamped swirly, dotty flowers from Infinity Nails 34 using Hit The Bottle As Black As Night and again finished with a coat of Seche Vite.

I didn't write down matte top coat on the list my husband took with him, so no matte nails. And usually I would add the bottle shot here but unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of the bottles so I guess I'll add that picture later, when I finally have control of my house again ;)

I'm kind of sad this is all I managed to do for this manicure. I had way higher expectations but on the other hand, in the end I didn't think I would wear nail polish at all this month so I won't complain much. I do think my nails would have benefitted from matte top coat but too bad, that wasn't available. So I'm going to enjoy my manicure while keeping my fingers crossed the ceiling and the walls and the flooring and the entire kitchen will be ready before the end of January :)

Want to see what Michelle and Juanita did? They're just one click away...


  1. Oh my goodness I am so sorry your kitchen is still chaos. I am NOT a fan of renovating and right now I would rather let the house fall apart around me than have work done again any time soon. I have serious PTSD from our last renovations.
    Anyway, chaos aside. I LOVE your nails. I love the colours you chose and I also love that you nailed the cloudy gradient she did. I Love that part. Your stamping is also the perfect addition! I didn't even notice it wasn't matte till you mentioned it so I call that a total win!

    Good luck with the chaos and good thinking on putting the precious-ness away! xx

    1. A very late reply... but no less sincere: thank you!!!

  2. I cannot believe that you managed to pull such a stunning mani being surrounded by so much chaos!

    I love the greens! Funny how we all had similar colour schemes...

    Also high fives all around for the awesome hubby collecting the polishes and for the great mom that gave you a peaceful spot for some nail time. I hope your kitchen is done soon soon and I do expect pictures!

    1. Very late... but thanks so much! And once that &%)Q@#$ kitchen is FINALLY done (still a chaos here... don't ask) you're going to be swamped with pictures :)


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