21 July 2014

Dance Legend - New Prism 11 High Voltage

Hi everyone!

As soon as I received Hypnotic Polish's newsletter I knew my wallet was in for some major squeezing. The Dance Legend Chameleon collection was restocked and Dance Legend New Prism had arrived! I immediately ordered the polishes on my wishlist and the next day they were delivered... how's that for speed? :)

First on my nails: High Voltage, a bright blue strong linear holographic beauty, perfect for summer and sunshine.

Dance Legend - New Prism 11 High Voltage - indoors, no flash
I applied two thin coats over one coat of OPI Natural Base and skipped the topcoat to make sure the rainbow would not be dulled. The formula was great, I had no problems with bald spots or dragging and the polish dried pretty fast.

The rainbow can be seen indoors but really pops in the sun or under direct light.
Of course today had to be gray and rainy (and thankfully cooler as well) so I had to use my mobile's flashlight.

Dance Legend - New Prism 11 High Voltage - indoors, flash 

The pictures were taken after two days of wearing without topcoat and no tip wear to be seen.

What do you think? Have you tried Dance Legend polishes?

Dance Legend New Prism 11 High Voltage was bought from Hypnotic Polish.

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