27 July 2014

Fancy Gloss - Raging Monster

Hi everyone!

An absolutely fabulous green holo today :)

This is another beauty that came to me from Singapore and I love it. I had never heard of the Fancy Gloss brand before but if all their polishes are the same quality as this one, I definitely want more.

Raging Monster is a beautiful, grass green holographic polish and in the pictures I've used one coat of OPI Natural Base, two thin coats of Raging Monster and one coat of Seche Vite.

Fancy Gloss - Raging Monster - indoors, no flash
In the shade the polish is a shimmery green that has enough going on to be interesting but in the sun... WOW!
Look at that rainbow... I didn't want to take it off (and I didn't for four days, with hardly any tip wear on day four :)
Fancy Gloss - Raging Monster - indoors, flash
Would you wear a bright green polish?

This polish was bought from Mei Mei's Signatures.

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