28 March 2015

Lacquer Lust - Peridot

Hi everyone!

I actually wore this manicure for St. Patrick's day. I intended to do some nail art on it, but real life (in this case a week long training at work) interfered so my nails were 'just' beautiful green for almost a week. I could say I was doing a wear test, but I would have had to take more pictures which I didn't so that excuse doesn't work ;)

Anyway, in the picture my nails are painted in three thin coats of a gorgeous green holographic polish called Peridot by Lacquer Lust.

indoors, no flash
As with all the Lacquer Lust polishes I've tried so far, the formula was a dream to work with. I could have easily gotten away with two coats if I had been paying a bit more attention to where the polish should have gone... you know, completely on the nail instead of half on the nail and half on the finger :S

indoors, flash (taken after four days)
The rainbow is pretty strong in this one. I could even see it in normal light (you might be able to spot it on my ring finger in the picture without flash and you can definitely see it in the bottle shot below) and of course when direct light hit it, it turned into a sparkle fest (don't pay any attention to the healthy color my fingers seem to have... I took the picture by the light of my monitor, using my mobile. Don't have a clue why I did it like that, but at least you get to see the rainbows ;)

Lacquer Lust Peridot
I really like this grassy green holo. For me it's perfect for a sunny spring day, or an entire week if your time is limited as it showed hardly any tip wear when I took it off after wearing it for five days :)

Lacquer Lust Peridot was bought from Norway Nails.


  1. LMAO!! You mean half the polish isn't supposed to get all over the fingers? XD Wish someone would have told me sooner. hehehe Gorgeous holo!!

    1. I know, there should be a manual included with those bottles, right? :D


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