07 March 2015

Merlin recycled

Hi everyone!

Yep, another post today. Last week I had no time to do anything but study, study and study some more, but it paid off. I took my exam yesterday and I passed with flying colors!!! So this weekend it's time to catch up on the chores I neglected, do some cleaning around the house, put away all the polishes that are scattered everywhere and finish the posts of the manicures I had on. The first one is online already and this is the manicure that is on my nails right now.

indoors, no flash
Like I said earlier, I didn't have a lot of time this week so when I started to get tip wear I decided to remove the creme polishes but leave the glitter as that was still perfect (I guess four coats of glitter and at least as much coats of top coat does that) and I didn't look forward to the soaking and scrubbing to get it off. The mailman had delivered my picks from the OPI Hawaii collection that same day so I chose OPI Just Lanai-ing Around, a beautiful mauve with some hidden shimmer.

I painted all nails but my pinky with Just Lanai-ing Around. After that I sponged a bit of a-england Merlin on my ring finger to create a glitter gradient. I'm not completely happy with the result but it's way better than my last attempt so I'll just keep trying. A dotting tool and some more Merlin on my index and, as usual, Seche Vite to finish my manicure.

indoors, no flash
After wearing this for a day, I felt the silver of Merlin was a bit too much so I searched my stash for 'something to put on it' and came across a gorgeous pink glitter: Spell Polish Skee Bo Diddle. I sponged it over the gradient and a little on my pinky as well. I don't think you can't see it very well in the picture, but in real life it looks pretty good and the pink glitter toned down the silver just enough to make it look like I had in mind. Skee Bo Diddle is just about the same color as Just Lanai-ing Around so I felt really color coordinated when I did the exam ;)

And here's the bottle shot:
a-england Merlin, OPI Just Lanai-ing Around, Spell Polish Skee Bo Diddle
I'm off to do the stuff that is waiting for me and after that I have a date with the couch, a pot of tea, some chocolate and a movie. I hope you all have a great weekend!

What do you do when your manicure needs to be replaced but you just don't have the time for it?

a-england Merlin was bought from Pretty Polish.
Spell Polish Skee Bo Diddle was bought from The Nailistashop.


  1. Ya know... I've always kept Merlin towards the bottom of my A England wishlist.... but you're really making me want it now!!

    My nails tend to change daily, so I don't really get to the point where it "needs" to be replaced because of chipping or whatever. If I get into a time crunch, though, I always reach for chrome. It dries so fast!!

    1. I love Merlin (although after almost two weeks I have to admit I can't really look at it at the moment ;) and if you want a beautiful silver glitter... go for it :)

      I try to change my nails three of four times a week so usually I don't get chips either, but lately I can hardly find the time to do touch ups, let alone an entire manicure. Oh well, when it's more quiet I'll be complaining about having nothing to do ;)


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