29 February 2016

CbL Berry Gem with satin white accents

Hi everyone!

Quick post today, just to show you the gorgeous polish I received last week: Colors by Llarowe Berry Gem.

indoors, no flash

CbL Berry Gem is the beautiful polish that you can see on my thumb, index and pinky. It is described as a burgundy/purple but to me it looks more like an orchid colored polish. Whatever color it is, it has a very strong linear holo, even in normal light you can see the rainbows (see picture above) and it is totally blinding under direct light (see picture below, but make sure to put on sunglasses ;) Apart from the holo it is also filled with very small copper flakies, which you can hardly see in my pictures but they are way more visible in real life. Berry Gem dries to an almost smooth finish that isn't ultra glossy but that can be remedied with top coat if you want to.

indoors, flash
I combined Berry Gem with El Corazon Matte & Shine 173, a satin white matte that has very very very tiny pink shimmers in it. The shimmer hardly visible in the bottle or on the nail but it makes the white look a bit warmer (and if you add top coat the shimmer becomes more visible). I had to use three thin coats on my middle and ring finger to reach full opacity but since this is a matte it dries very fast so I didn't even have to wait before painting the second and third coat. I finished my manicure by stamping the two accent nails with Berry Gem and Born Pretty plate BP-L005 and skipped top coat (which means that this manicure probably won't be on my nails for very long but I don't mind, I really like the finish as it is without making it extra glossy).

The polishes I used:
CbL Berry Gem, El Corazon Matte & Shine 173

Now I know I'm always whining about holographic polishes with 'thingies' in them but in this case the base color and the flakies aren't very contrasting so I really like the combined effect, especially without top coat. I guess the thingies are slowly pulling me in but I'm drawing the line at holo + duochrome... for now ;)

Do you like polishes that have just about everything mixed together, like glitters + shimmer + holo + duochrome? Or do you prefer the simpler ones?

CbL Berry Gem is a store exclusive for Nailland Hungary.
El Corazon Matte & Shine 173 was bought from Hypnotic Polish.


Please let me know what you think. I may not reply right away but I will get back to you in the end... promised!