• Experiment with polish and perfume

    Hi everyone!

    I felt adventurous and I figured that would be a good mindset to try a new technique: spotted nails. I've been eyeing water marble manicures for quite some time, especially video's to figure out how to make a nice design. To make things a little easier on myself and to try this dunking-fingers-into-water stuff, I decided to go for a manicure that involves spraying the polish in the water with hairspray or perfume. Since I don't have any hairspray (the curly mess on top of my head just does what it wants, even if I would try to style it using cement or superglue!!) I opted for a perfume sample I had laying around and this is the result:

    indoors, no flash

    I used the absolutely glorious OPI DS Extravagance, a berry colored holo that is just pure perfection. On my index and pinky I needed just one coat, my thumb received a thin second coat because I thought I saw some bare spots and I finished with a coat of Seche Vite. My middle and ring finger were painted in two slightly thicker coats than usual of OPI Beyond The Pale Pink, a lovely cream color with pink undertones.

    indoors, flash
    After my ring and middle finger had dried completely, I covered both fingers up to half way my second phalange with liquid latex that I bought a while ago from a local store that sells theatre supplies and waited another five minutes to let that dry completely. I had already filled a plastic cup with tap water so all I had to do was put three drops of Extravagance in the cup, spray it with a couple of squirts from the sample (Jaïpur by Boucheron if you're interested) and dunk my fingers in the most interesting looking spot. After collecting the remaining polish with a toothpick I pulled my fingers out of the water, patted them dry with a tissue and removed the latex. That stuff is absolutely great! The only cleanup I had to do was near my cuticles but no polish was on my fingers (also the entertainment value of latex is unexpectedly high: my husband almost keeled over laughing when he saw what my fingers looked like before and after the dunking... but he's easily entertained ;) To finish off I applied a coat of Seche Vite on the spotted nails and that was it.

    These are the two polishes I used:
    OPI Beyond The Pale Pink, OPI DS Extravagance
    I definitely want to experiment some more with this technique, maybe use hairspray or eau de toilette (as I think that contains more alcohol), use distilled water instead of tap water (like the water marble goddesses on YouTube do) etc. but for now I really like my nails as they are. Also, I'm so happy seeing Extravagance on my nails again. I absolutely love it and if direct light hits it, I can actually see the holo sparkle on my spotted nails (tried to capture that with flash, I'll let you be the judge if it worked ;)

    Have you tried water marble? Or spotted nails? And did you tip over the cup of water and create a big mess like I did? Yup, totally did that... fortunately I was doing all this in the kitchen sink so the mess was easily cleaned up :D


    1. Loooooooove loooove it! I'm glad you took the plunge.

    2. This is gorgeous, I really love it!

      1. I was pretty sure you would love Extravagance but I'm really happy you like the experiment as well :)

    3. Oh my goodness!!! I've seen something sorta similar with hand sanitizer spray, but nobody sells it here. I'm definitely going to have to try it with the perfume!! :D It looks amazing. *thumbs up*

      1. Ooh, I'll be keeping an eye on your blog to see what you come up with :)

    4. What an interesting result! I like it a lot.


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