11 April 2016

Multichrome and speckles

Hi everyone!

Quick post of a quick manicure:

indoors, no flash
My middle and ring finger are painted with two thin coats of Cirque Colors Hatch, a lovely white polish with small black flecks in it. It was released last year as part of the Awakening collection and I missed out on it... so when it was re-released this year as part of the Speckled collection I didn't hesitate even one second and ordered it as soon as possible!

I didn't want to add a very intricate stamp so I chose an image with large gaps that I found on UberChic plate Out of Africa-01. I just had to pick the color for the stamp... After going back and forth between way too many polishes I made my husband pick one for me. He chose Colour Alike Venus, a red-to-bronze multichrome stamping polish. You can see a little of the shift in the first picture and more colors in the bottle shot, but they don't do the polish any justice. The color that surprised me most was a bright glowing pink that showed up unexpectedly when the sun hit my nails :)

I decided to use it as a "normal" polish as well as it didn't have a very thick formula so I figured it would probably work (and it would save me the trouble of having to pick even more colors ;) Fortunately it worked, so on my thumb, index and pinky you see one coat of Venus. I intended to stamp my middle finger too but after my ring finger I didn't want to add more as I really liked it like it was. I finished with a coat of Seche Vite on all my nails.

The two polishes I used:
Cirque Colors Hatch, Colour Alike B.a Venus

Like I said a quick manicure but one that I really like. What do you think?

Cirque Colors Hatch was bought from Pretty Polish.
Colour Alike Venus was bought from B. Loves Plates.


  1. I see a nail polish with "thingies" on your nails, I'm in shock :D
    I love you mani!

    1. I know... I totally blame you for showing me too many polishes with thingies in them (and maybe it has something to do with the fact that Hatch is just plain gorgeous... ;)

  2. I love it! That stamping polish looks really amazing! Good job snatching up Hatch while you had the chance. ;)

    1. Thanks! It really is a beautiful multichrome. I hope they'll make more... *dreams of a green-to-blue-to-purple polish*