18 April 2016

Teal (and aqua) skittlette

Hi everyone!

This manicure was born out of pure laziness: I used three polishes that were still on my desk and added a floral stamp (as you can never go wrong with a floral afaic :) So what colors were patiently waiting for to be put away?

indoors, no flash

On my thumb and index one coat (ONE!!!) of Colors by Llarowe Jewel of Denial, a gorgeous teal scattered holo whose formula makes me want to buy all the CbL holos. My pinky is covered in two thin coats of Cirque Colors Oasis, another pretty teal but with a metallic holo finish. Last but not least my middle and ring finger are painted in three thin coats of OPI It's A Boy! that looked like a pastel blue but turned out to be a lovely aqua color when combined with the teals. A quick stamp with Jewel of Denial and a floral image from Emily de Molly plate EDM10, a coat of Seche Vite to make everything was dry and voilá... ready for spring and sunshine!

indoors, flash
Jewel of Denial and Oasis are quite similar in shade but very different in finish, just what I like for a skittlette. Unfortunately my mediocre camera skills don't do either polish any justice. As I was determined to show you the difference, I finally grabbed my mobile, sat down on our bed, pulled the covers over my head and blinded myself with the flash... and I still don't think I did a very good job but here's the picture anyway (Maria, I need lessons in photographing holos!!!!)

indoors, mobile phone with flash
And here are the polishes (that have now been safely put away with all the other pretties):
Cirque Colors Oasis, OPI It's A Boy!, Colors by Llarowe Jewel of Denial

The next three days are supposed to be filled with sunshine so I intend to thoroughly enjoy the different holos on my nails and show them off to anyone who comes close enough to be bothered ;) I hope you all have a great Monday (even if it is a Monday...) and take care, until next time!

Cirque Colors Oasis was bought from Pretty Polish.
Colors by Llarowe Jewel of Denial was bought from Nailland Hungary.


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