20 August 2016

Peacock inspired skittlette

Hi everyone!

My to do list for today:
1. reply to all the sweet comments on previous posts
2. do the laundry: machine is working on it, two more loads after the current one
3. figure out next week's menu
4. get the groceries
5. clean the house (including dragging hubby away from computer game to help)
6. paint nails
7. sit down with a big mug of tea and write a post for the new manicure: doing that right now :)
And it's not even noon yet... *gives herself a pat on the shoulder*
It's not as if I'm this early doing all the chores every weekend but we're getting visitors in the afternoon so I had to act all organized and efficient, and I guess it worked as I'm down to the last item and my nails look like this (courtesy of item 6):

indoors, no flash
I started out by just looking for a nice, darker holo as the sun is supposed to come out and play today (so of course holo is mandatory). My eye fell on Colors by Llarowe Peacock Parade and after that the inspiration for the letter P for the ABC-Challenge wasn't hard to come up with: peacocks! So I rummaged around my stash a little longer and came up with a gorgeous pale gray creme called OPI I Cannoli Wear OPI, the sparkly blue-green textured Zoya Bay (that is so much more sparkly than any of my pictures show) and Bundle Monster BM-212 that contains an image that resembles the tail of a peacock... or at least I think it does ;)

indoors, with flash
I started by painting my thumb and index with Peacock Parade and I already noticed it was really opaque so it would probably be great for stamping. I had to use two thin layers as I managed to get some bald spots but that was totally my fault as I'm convinced this beautiful polish is a one coater if you're a little more careful than I was. My middle and ring finger received a total of three effortless, thin layers of I Cannoli Wear OPI and my pinky was painted with two coats and some dabbing of Bay. I was really happy to read Zoya released some more PixieDusts with the original texture and I was even happier when my mom brought all six of them home from her vacation in Canada this summer :D

After all that had dried I stamped the abstract peacock tail on my nails using Peacock Parade (that did stamp great) and colored in the 'eyes' with Bay and a small dotting tool. One thick coat of Seche Vite on all nails but my pinky and my nails were ready to have their picture taken, even with flash to try and show some more of Bay's sparkle at which I failed miserably but at least you can see the lovely rainbows on my index.

The polishes that are still on my desk, waiting to be put away after contributing to my manicure:

Colors by Llarowe Peacock Parade, Zoya Bay, OPI I Cannoli Wear OPI

I really like my nails like this. Of course teal is one of my favorite colors so a teal holo is even better but the combination of colors and stamp turned out just as I'd hoped it would. I hope you like it too... you do, right? ;)

Here's an overview of all the manicures that were done for the letter P:

ABC-Challenge - P

Colors by Llarowe Peacock Parade was bought from Nailland Hungary.
Zoya Bay was bought from Nail Polish Canada.


  1. I see why you like it - it's a very beautiful mani!

    1. Thanks! I think you'd like Peacock Parade as well, as it's cool toned, a pretty strong linear holo and just a gorgeous color... even though it's not magenta ;)

  2. Very pretty! I love those deep blue colors paired with the peacock-inspired stamping!

  3. Oh my goodness! You're so productive. :3 I love this so much. Peacock Parade is so GORGEOUS!! It really is so hard to capture the true sparkly beauty of the PixieDust polishes. <3 Fantastic idea using it to accent the peacock stamp.

    1. Hehe, don't worry... I won't repeat it any time soon :P
      Thanks! I really love my manicure, even if I had to remove it. I'm definitely going to revisit this one (although I hope I'll remember to stamp the other way around as these are, again, upside down ;)

  4. Very nice! I love the colours and teal holo... hmm, that's going right on my shopping list!

    1. Thank you! A word of warning though... I'm not sure what is in those CbL holos but they're highly addictive and very dangerous for your wallet/credit card/bank account ;)


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