30 August 2016

Summer skittlette

Hi everyone!

For this manicure I should have renamed the blog to "What was on my nails last week?" as I removed it last Sunday but still haven't managed to write about it... but it's too cute to skip so this is going to be a quick post.

I felt like doing a fun, bright skittlette and just started looking for colors that would be nice. I found ILNP Summer Crush among my untrieds and figured it would be a nice starting point. This is what my nails looked like after half an hour of play time (and most of an episode of Justified):

My thumb and index are painted with three (or maybe four, but I'm pretty sure it was three) coats of ILNP Summer Crush, a bright, almost neon pink polish with a subtle holo glitter.

For my pinky I chose Rimmel 007 Shooting Star, a lovely silver textured polish that has no larger silver glitters in it so it looks like a silver PixieDust. I think I used two coats and some dabbing to obtain complete coverage.

Last but not least my middle and ring finger. I painted those with two coats of OPI Alpine Snow and after that had dried I stamped a swirly flowery image from MoYou London Pro XL 03 using Hit The Bottle As Black As Night and made sure to position the stamp on the sides of my nails.

A coat of Seche Vite on all nails was the finishing touch and I was ready for some more scorching hot days as last week's temperature has been tropical over here :)

The polishes I used:

ILNP Summer Crush, Rimmel 007 Shooting Star, OPI Alpine Snow, Hit The Bottle As Black As Night

Looking at the picture I can see my top coat smudged the design a little but fortunately that wasn't visible in real life and I thoroughly enjoyed the holo sparkles that showed up with every movement of my fingers without feeling the need to redo the smudged nail (which is what would have happened if I'd noticed it ;) What would you do if you smudged your design and noticed it? Remove and redo or leave it on and ignore the smudges?

ILNP Summer Crush and Hit The Bottle As Black As Night were bought from Hypnotic Polish.


  1. This is beautiful.... And I just leave the smudge. Too much effort to fix.

    1. Thanks Juanita :) I've tried to tell myself that on numerous occasions but it keeps bugging me when I've seen it so in the end I'll just sit down and redo it. Maybe I shouldn't zoom in on photographs that much to keep it hidden ;)

  2. It is gorgeous - love the beautiful stamping!

  3. Oh my goodness Summer Crush is BEAUTIFUL!! <3

    Oof, I get topcoat smudging all the time because I'm so impatient... and also I tend to do my nails late in the day. >_> I usually just leave it. I don't have much patience to re-do even a single nail and I know if I tried to remove the polish I'd end up screwing up even more nails. So... smudges stay.

    1. Hehe, don't start on ILNP holos!! They might be even more addictive than the multichromes ;)


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