07 October 2016

It's raining... leaves!

Hi everyone!

Another episode of What was on my nails last week, as I didn't have the time to type up even a quick post :( But I did manage to take the pictures so I can still show you what my nails looked like last week.

I was inspired by the color change in the leaves of the chestnut tree in our neighbour's back yard. Unlike all the gorgeous colors I see online, this one just turns it's leaves a dirty kind of greenish gold and drops them along with a huge load of chestnuts just when I have to get something from the storage in our back yard. Yep, fall is dangerous around here ;)

Anyway, I picked out the green ages ago and I also found the stamping plate I wanted to use but I couldn't find a suitable gold until I saw one of Maria's stamping manicures and I found my perfect dirty gold: a-england Holy Grail!

So I proudly present my falling leaves manicure (chestnuts not included):

indoors, no flash

The green creme I used in two coats on my thumb, index and pinky is OPI Olive for Green (of the Infinite Shine line that I use with normal base coat and top coat). I fell in love with this color when I first saw it and I still do now that it's on my nails :)

I painted my middle finger with two coats of a-england Holy Grail (the new version) which is a pretty dirty gold foil that actually has a green base. I really should have used three (which I did later actually... you'll see, just read on ;) as I can see a bald spot in the picture.

My ring finger was painted with three thin coats of Cirque Colors Carpe Diem, a lovely not too stark white creme. When that had dried I stamped an image of UberChic plate Lovely Leaves on it that reminded me of falling leaves (although it does look like they're fall upward with the hand pose in my picture, but when I looked at my nails they were falling down ;)

I liked my nails like this but I felt it was missing something so I decided to double stamp the leaves using Olive for Green. And that's where the "fun" started... I think I redid that nail at least five times! I kept banging and denting and smudging it, I managed to rub it against my middle finger so there was white polish on it so I had to repaint that nail as well (and used three coats this time) and after that I was so annoyed I decided to take it off and do an entirely new manicure if I messed it up one more time. Of course that last time it was smooth sailing all the way and I was FINALLY done with falling leaves 2.0.

indoors, no flash
Of course I can't end this post without showing the polishes I used:

OPI Olive for Green, a-england Holy Grail (new), Cirque Colors Carpe Diem

What version do you like best, the one with just gold or the double stamped one? I'm still not sure, I'm leaning towards the first but I think my opinion is somewhat colored by the many attempts at version 2.0 ;)

Oh, and who started humming that song that starts with "It's raining" and that I just can't seem to get out of my head? You know what song I mean, right? Here's a hint, but don't blame me if you keep singing it for days at the most inappropriate moments ;)

a-england Holy Grail and Cirque Colors Carpe Diem bought from Pretty Polish.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! And thank you for showing Holy Grail so I finally rediscovered it :)

  2. Oh my goodness that's perfect!! <3 I really like the new Holy Grail. I have the old yellow-gold one.

    Also, yeah, as soon as I read your title that song got stuck in my head! XD As payback I'll be getting Color Club's 'It's Raining Men' off of my wishlist and onto my nails to get it stuck in your head all over again. LOL

    1. Thanks *hugs*
      Hehe, remind me to stay away from your blog for a while :p


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