21 March 2017

Double stamped swirlies

Hi everyone!

Is it just me or has life switched to a higher gear so the days rush by without me having time to take a breath, let alone write a post about my latest manicure? I just can't seem to keep up with the out-of-control pace these days... Anyway, I really wanted to do a happy, light and bright spring manicure and when I got my hands on the last Catrice limited edition, Pulse of Purism, I decided to go with the blue-ish polish that is part of it. Combined with a darker holo and some stamping this is what I created:

indoors, no flash

I started out by painting my middle and ring finger with three coats of Catrice Pulse of Purism C01 Pure Blues. Of course the color is anything but a pure blue but if that were the only thing weird about this polish I wouldn't even have mentioned it. Way worse is the brush... WAAAAAY worse! The huge cap comes off to reveal a small round cap (which is actually a good thing as I wouldn't be able to handle that big rectangular thing) that ends in a (too) short, straight cut brush with stiff bristles that just didn't want to fan out and play nice :( I had to use thicker coats than usual as well as it didn't want to self level either... but I got it on my nails in the end and the color is pretty, so I'll stop complaining ;)

Next I painted three coats of piCture pOlish Calm on my thumb (that is still extremely short so I won't show it, but fortunately not as painful anymore), my index and my pinky and a coat of Seche Vite to make sure I wouldn't smudge it when I worked on my accent nail. I kind of forgot that Calm is a jelly so I had to use more coats than I planned but the color and the sparkles of the scattered holo are so beautiful and the formula is heavenly compared to Pure Blues so I didn't mind too much.

Here's a picture with flash to show you just how pretty Calm is (or at least you can guess how pretty it is since I can't photograph holo very well, but let me assure you it is gorgeous):

indoors, with flash
As Calm turned out to be a jelly, I had to pick another polish to stamp with and it turned out to be two polishes. First I stamped swirlies from UberChic 13-02 using Color Club Harp On It (just the best silver holo I can think of ;) and after that I used the same image with Colour Alike 47 Cashmere Coat (the same color family as Calm and Pure Blues but darker). A coat of Seche Vite to seal it all and I was done.

Here's a lineup of the polishes I used:
Catrice Pulse of Purism C01 Pure Blues, piCture pOlish Calm, Colour Alike 47 Cashmere Coat, Color Club Harp On It

I really like the color of Pure Blues, even if it isn't blue, but the formula and brush are so bad they just about overruled any positive feelings I had. I guess this is going to be a polish I won't reach for very often (although I could use it for dots... on a pale background... with some silver... oh alright, maybe I'll reach for it sooner than I thought ;) I love the combination of colors though and even though Harp On It isn't very visible in normal light, its sparkles gave my manicure that extra pop I wanted to add, and apparently I'm not the only one who likes it as I've received more compliments than usual (may have something to do with the sun coming out at last so the sparkles were everywhere). I hope you like it too :)

piCture pOlish Calm and Color Club Harp On It were bought from Pretty Polish.
Colour Alike B.a Cashmere Coat was bought from Hypnotic Polish.