14 June 2017

Double stamped holo

Hi everyone!

The sun is out so that means... holo! And I have two gorgeous specimens incorporated in my manicure today: a-england Proserpine and UNT Forever a Promise (a new to me brand). Want to see what I did with them? Just keep reading...

On my thumb, index and pinky you see UNT AU025 Forever a Promise, a lovely minty green with a very, very, very strong linear holo. Even in normal light you can see the rainbows and it's almost blinding in the sunshine. If you use slightly thicker coats you might be able to get away with just one, but I used two thin coats to completely cover my nails.

My middle finger was covered with two thin coats of a-england Proserpine, a blue leaning teal scattered holo with the great formula a-england is known for. Again, if you're not as parsimonious as I am you can definitely get away with one coat (can you tell I've been reading way too many english books that are set in the Regency and Victorian eras? I've actually dug up my old highschool dictionary to translate some words so yeah, I'm showing off my new knowledge ;)

Last but not least the details for my ring finger. I used two thin coats of OPI Alpine Snow and stamped it with an image from Pueen 33 using Forever a Promise and another image from Pueen 59 using Proserpine. Of course all nails received their usual coat of Seche Vite to finish the manicure.

indoors, with flash
I hope the picture with flash shows off the holo a bit more.

About UNT, I only recently discovered the brand and I ordered the three holographic polishes, blue, green and silver, from their summer collection to test them. So far I'm happy! The formulas on all three polishes was a pleasure to work with, the brushes are about as wide as a Zoya brush so they're easily manageable even though the cap is longer, each bottle contains 15ml (the same as an OPI bottle) and the prices were great: I bought all three for a total of about 16 euros and shipping is free for any purchase... I would call that a good debut :)

Of course the usual mugshot:
OPI Alpine Snow, UNT AU025 Forever a Promise, a-england Proserpine

These nails make me happy, simple as that. I love seeing holo in the sunshine so what's better than sitting outside, reading a fun book and admiring the pretty colors on my nails while soaking up the sun? Oh, I know! Someone bringing me nice cold beverages while sitting, reading and soaking... have to talk to the resident male about that :) Anyway, I hope you have a wonderful day and some time to enjoy the lovely weather if it's as good as it is over here (or just do whatever makes you happy).

UNT AU025 Forever a Promise was bought from UNT.
a-england Proserpine was bought from The Nailista Shop (now closed).


  1. What a pretty line up... And the double stamping is very nice.

    1. They are pretty, right? Still makes me smile to look at that manicure, even if it's removed already :)


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