01 June 2017

Is it blue? Is it purple? Is it pink?

Hi everyone!

The questions in the title are what people have been asking me today. I can understand their confusion as I've been wearing one of the most beautiful multichrome polishes I know, Spell Polish Escaping Gravity. I kept my manicure as simple as possible, just to make sure that gorgeous multichrome could take center stage. Let's take a look :)

I started out by painting my thumb, index and pinky with Catrice ICONails 15 Milky Bay, a great white that covers in two thin, easy coats. My middle and ring finger were painted with three thin coats of Spell Polish Escaping Gravity, a multichrome that shifts from blue to purple, fuchsia and even orange, gold and green under extreme angles. You can see most colors at the edge of the bottle in the bottle shot below and I could see all colors on my nails when I was in the shower but I haven't figured out how to take underwater shots in a bowl without making a huge mess (Lizzy... I need help!! ;) and taking my camera with me in the shower is just a bit too close for comfort (MY comfort that is :p )

Anyway, I didn't want to add too much at this point so as not to detract any attention from Escaping Gravity. So all I did was stamp some lines from Bundle Monster plate BM-316 using Hit the Bottle Snowed In and cover everything with a generous coat of Seche Vite to make sure I could get back into the sunshine as soon as possible (of course I made sure to slather on loads of sunblock to protect my ultra pale skin... I definitely don't look good as a lobster ;)

The bottle shot:
Catrice ICONails 15 Milky Bay, Spell Polish Escaping Gravity, Hit the Bottle Snowed In

I don't know why I don't wear multichromes more often but I'm glad I dug Escaping Gravity out of the dusty archives of my stash when I did. It's absolutely gorgeous and the sunshine makes it even better, showing off the shimmery finish that is hidden in normal light. What do you think? Should I have added more "decorations" to my nails or is this minimal look (more than) enough to show off the beauty of Escaping Gravity?

Spell Polish Escaping Gravity was bought from The Nailista Shop (closed now) but it's still available from the creator.
Hit the Bottle Snowed In was bought from Hypnotic Polish.


  1. That sure is a pretty polish!! And I just love the simplistic look.

    1. Thanks so much :)
      It really is so pretty, right? I especially love that I don't have to use a black base to show the shift as I can never completely cover the black so there's always a little black outline. This one doesn't need any black :D

  2. I love the look of that polish, it looks magical in the bottle! And of course it loosk beautiful with this manicure. I think your colour combinations are some of the ones I enjoy seeing the most <3

    1. Awww... thanks Ithi! I love knowing that I'm not the only one enjoying what I do and coming from you makes it even more special <3


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