03 November 2017

Coral marble manicure

Hi everyone!

My last post has been a week and I haven't touched nail polish since I did the triad manicure until just now. Instead I spent my days sneezing, sniffling and generally feeling awful as the yearly flu decided to come and visit for a while... but the tip wear and chipping became too much so I dragged myself out of bed to do my nails. I wasn't really up to doing something complicated so I decided to go for marbled stamping (or is that stamped marbling?) using a pretty coral polish, and this is the result:

I started out by painting my thumb, index and pinky with two coats of Cirque Colors Luminous Owl, a lovely dusty coral colored linear holo, and my middle and ring finger with two coats of Catrice CC Care & Conceal 020 Tender Touch of Rosé (TToR), a peach creme polish. To help it dry faster I covered all my nails with a coat of Seche Vite.

To make the marble I painted a patch of TToR on my silicone matte and immediately placed small blobs of OPI Alpine Snow and Luminous Owl on top. I dragged a zig zag pattern through it all using a dotting tool, let it dry for a few seconds, pressed my stamper on top and stamped the polish on my ring finger. Of course I repeated the steps for my right middle finger (as I always do both my hands, I just change the order) and one last coat of Seche Vite on the marbled nails was all I needed to finish my manicure.

And the usual line-up:
Cirque Colors Luminous Owl, Catrice CC Care & Conceal 020 Tender Touch of Rosé, OPI Alpine Snow

I love the effect of the holo polish in the marble and of course the technique is the easiest ever. Perfect for a quick manicure to make sure my OCD driven brain doesn't get overheated by sloppy looking nails ;) I know people will probably think I'm nuts wasting energy on my nails when I should be in bed, but making pretty nails made me feel a bit better for a while so for me it was worth it (and it didn't take longer than fifteen minutes so I didn't really exert myself).
Do you paint your nails if you're sick, do you simply remove the worn polish and go naked until you feel better or don't you care at all and just want to be left alone?

Cirque Colors Luminous Owl was bought from Pretty Polish.


  1. So pretty! I was thinking of having us do a mani like this for our Triad.

    It all depends on how I feel and the state of the polish already on. If it looks bad, I'll just slap on some colour and call it a day. Otherwise I'll just wear what's on for a little longer. Otherwise a fresh mani will make anyone feel better.

    1. Thanks hun! And you can still do that, you know ;)
      I have some ideas on how to use the marble as a base but I definitely need to feel better first. Right now the most perfect place in the world is in bed, under the covers and with my eyes closed. Stupid flu...

  2. I'm so sorry to hear you have been feeling awful, I hope you are on the mend now or at least feeling a little better :( Colour combo is drool worthy and I am in love with the marble!! Simply beautiful!

    1. Thanks so much, Ithi!
      Not feeling much better atm. but at least I managed to catch up on blogs I haven't read in a week or two, and my mom came over to see how we are doing (as, being the sweet wife that I am, I share everything with my husband, viruses included) and brought a huge pan of soup with her and we all know mom's soup heals all ;)

  3. I really really love this! I love the colours you used (You have this incredible knack for the most amazing colour combos!!) and I love the marbled stamped perfection.

    I'm so sorry you were so sick. I would probably have done exactly the same and painted my nails. Not much will keep me from painting my nails. Like you said, it always makes me feel better. xxx

    1. Aww, you're making me blush! I just combine colors and patterns I like and it's even better if others like them too :)


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