27 November 2017

Peach-n-berry flowers

Hi everyone!

It's that time again... quick post for an easy manicure. These colors don't need much though so easy is good :)

The two stars in this manicure are Colors by Llarowe Berries in the Snow, a gorgeous burgundy holo with a very strong linear flash (that totally disappeared in my picture... I swear, my camera eats rainbows for breakfast), and Cirque Colors Stoneware, an equally gorgeous pale peach crelly that is stuffed to the brim with tiny copper glitters, basically the nude sister of my beloved Hatch :)

I started out by painting my thumb, index and pinky with one coat of Berries in the Snow. Yep, not only is the color absolutely stunning but it's a one coater as well. My middle and ring finger needed three thin coats of Stoneware to reach full opacity but the effect of the glitters peeking through the semi transparent peach was definitely worth the trouble. A coat of Seche Vite to help all nails dry, a quick stamp of a floral image from Moyra plate 24 Primavera using Berries and another coat of Seche Vite and done!

Two beauties:
Cirque Colors Stoneware, Colors by Llarowe Berries in the Snow

The moment I saw the press release that included Stoneware I started looking for it and when it arrived I couldn't wait to put it on my nails. I love the combination with Berries in the Snow and of course stamping makes for a very quick and easy manicure. I hope you like it too :)

Cirque Colors Stoneware was bought from Pretty Polish.
Colors by Llarowe was bought from Nailland Hungary.


  1. This. Is. GORGEOUS! I am now obsessed with these polishes (adds to wishlist). Stoneware is just ridiculous! <3

    1. Thanks Michelle! If I'm not mistaken both polishes are limited edition so make sure to grab them while they're available... *keeping my fingers crossed you're still in time*


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