28 December 2017

My Christmas nails

Hi everyone!

A quick post to show off the manicure I wore for Christmas. I didn't go for colorful but stuck to different shades of gray so all attention would go to my new cognac colored suede jacket (that I was inordinately proud of ;)

I started out by painting my thumb, index and pinky with two thin coats of Il était un vernis #justmytype, a beautiful medium gray scattered holo. My middle and ring finger were painted with one coat of Il était un vernis Tap Dancing Rain, an equally beautiful light gray scattered holo that was surprisingly opaque.

When all that had dried enough I made a gradient on my middle and ring finger using (light to dark) Tap Dancing Rain, #justmytype and Il était un vernis Pretty in Ink (the same gorgeousness as the other two but black). I had to sponge just two rounds to get the result I wanted and even though I totally killed any magic in the photograph, in real life the holo effect was definitely visible.

Last but not least I stamped black irregular stripes on top using MoYou Holy Shapes 08 and Hit the Bottle As Black As Night and covered all nails with a generous coat of Seche Vite.

Il était un vernis Tap Dancing Rain, Il était un vernis #justmytype, Il était un vernis Pretty in Ink, Hit the Bottle As Black As Night

I know these seem kind of boring but I loved seeing the sparkles fly every time I moved my fingers and the candle light hit my nails. Also, apart from the jacket I was wearing black, black and more black so my nails matched with that as well without going all Goth ;) What did you wear for Christmas (or, if you don't celebrate it, for December 25th)?

Il était un vernis polishes were bought directly from the creators.

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