27 July 2018

Friday Triad: inspired by @eivi_nails

Hi everyone,

July is almost over so that means it's time for the Triad manicure of the month. If you've been here before you probably know what Triad means: Michelle, Juanita and I take turns in picking an inspiration from our to-do-list and we all create a manicure inspired by it. Just recreate it is an option but go a completely different route is possible as well :)

This month was my turn and as I knew I was facing some very busy weeks I decided to pick a beautiful but not too complicated manicure, this one by Yvonne from @eivi_nails. I love tone on tone and different finishes so it was on my list for quite some time, waiting for me to notice it. And this is what my version looks like:

I used three thin coats of Cirque Colors Meet Me In Montauk (MMIM) on all fingers. MMIM is a beautiful minty color that looks a bit more blue or green depending on the light and it actually has an almost neon like brightness to it in low light. It has a great formula that self-levels like a pro... after a few seconds. So at first it may look a bit bumpy but just wait a short while and it all evens out like magic.

I combined it with teal? dark mint? sea green? KIKO 625 Emerald, a chrome polish from the Mirror collection that I was able to get my hands on through a blog sale. There is nothing emerald about it as fas as I can see, but I think it works great with MMIM and that's what counts, right? Emerald is great for stamping so that's what I used it for with Emily de Molly plate EDM19.

I actually took pictures of my nails like that as I was convinced adding the skinny French tips would look horrible on me. I mean, Frenchies look great on square nails but I don't like them that often on ovals so I had decided to skip them early on (when I mailed the inspiration to Michelle and Juanita actually). But a certain male who lives in the same house as I do told me it would be worth a try and if it would look as bad as I expected I already had photographs of the nice looking manicure. So I very carefully traced the tips of my thumb, ring finger and pinky with Emerald and the normal polish brush. After that I used the tiniest brush I could find (the one that I usually grab when filling in small details in a decal) to touch up the lines and make them even. And when I finally sat up and looked at the finished result, I kept wondering why I hadn't done this before... I loved it! Of course I ran back to my camera to take new pictures, one of which you can see above.

I also snapped a shot of the polishes I used:
KIKO 625 Emerald, Cirque Colors Meet Me In Montauk

When planning this manicure I couldn't decide on what colors to use. In the end I decided to pick the chrome first and look for a base to go with it after that, and that finally resulted in the combination I used (I'm sad to say I didn't like my hubby's suggestion of black and yellow... ;) I couldn't be happier with the result and I hope you like it too.

Want to see what the other two "corners" of the Triad created? Just click here for Michelle or here for Juanita :)


  1. Hooooooooly smoke man! Now this is just beautiful! I must say I left out the super skinny French because I wasn't sure I would like it on me either but now I have serious regret. I love the skinny French on you! I also looooooooove your colour combo and the image you stamped with. Gosh it is beautiful!

    1. Thank you so much!! *blushing*
      Next time do what I did: take pictures before adding the part you're in doubt about and pick whatever version you like best :D

  2. Oh man! Firstly I'm so proud of you for doing the french. Secondly I love the colours especially emerald and the stamp is spot on!

    1. Thanks hun! I'm still pretty happy with this one as it turned out just as I hoped it would, which is quite rare for me ;)

  3. Such an elegant mani ... well done!

    1. Thank you so much, Karen! Elegance was definitely what I was going for so I'm wearing a huge grin now :)


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