04 April 2015

Elegant nude with a little bling

Hi everyone!

Tomorrow is Easter Sunday and, as usual, we're visiting both my own family and my in-laws. Also we're going to check in on a very dear old lady, our great-aunt who turned 95 last month and who is in the hospital after a nasty fall (fortunately no broken bones but a lot of bruises including her ribs that cause her some breathing problems). Now usually I don't really care what people think about my nails unless I have a job interview or something like that. But our aunt always tells me a nice girl (yep, I'm still a girl in her eyes ;) doesn't wear pitch black, acid green or bright blue so as a surprise for her I've given myself a really elegant nude manicure.

indoors, no flash
This is actually a recreation of one of Marta's manicures that I pinned a while ago. I first chose the holo I wanted to use: Ozotic 607. My Ozotic polishes are probably the most treasured ones in my stash so I don't use them that often as they are discontinued so once they're gone, they're gone forever, but they are SO gorgeous so it's a shame never to wear them! I know piCture pOlish has re-released some colors of the 600-series but they seem a bit different to me. I've been told 607 has about the same color as Grace, but the holographic glitters/shimmers/thingies are different. In the picture below you can see a bit of the beautiful subtle rainbow that 607 shows in direct light.

indoors, flash
I tried to match 607 with a zillion pink colors but nothing looked right and in the end I just googled for pale pink creme to see if there was a polish that I had overlooked. One of the polishes that showed up was OPI My Very First Knockwurst from the Germany collection that was released in 2012. I tried that polish in the past, from a mini bottle, and I absolutely didn't like it. It looked like flesh colored correction fluid :( I gave the bottle to someone who was head over heels with the color and forgot about it, until I received a full sized bottle for my birthday later in 2012, which I hid at the back of the bottom drawer as I was convinced it was a horrible polish. After seeing it online I figured I could at least check if the color was a match for Ozotic 607 so I dug it up. And of course, a match made in polish heaven... so I took a deep breath, prepared myself for the worst and started painting my nails. Boy, was I in for a surprise!! I don't know if it's the 2+ years of extra practice since 2012 or the full sized brush instead of the tiny one, but it flowed on my nails like a dream, self leveled like it was invented just for this polish and basically made me regret not trying this polish ages ago!

So, thumb and all fingers except for my pinky are covered in two coats of OPI My Very First Knockwurst. My pinky got painted with three coats of Ozotic 607. All nails received a coat of Seche Vite to speed up the drying and when everything was dry I painted half my ring finger with two thin coats of Ozotic 607. I tried to do it with tape but that was no success so after removing the failure and repainting with MVFK I freehanded (!!) the line down the middle. I finished with two large glitters that I picked up from the brush of OPI I Snow You Love Me (from the Mariah Carey Holiday collection). Another coat of Seche Vite to make sure they stayed in place and voila... done!

These are the polishes I used:
Ozotic 607, OPI My Very First Knockwurst, OPI I Snow You Love Me
I really like my nails like this. I think even with the two glitters it looks very sophisticated (or maybe even because of them). What do you think? Is there anything our aunt can object to?

I wish you all a blessed Easter weekend (or just a lovely long weekend if you don't celebrate it).

Ozotic 607 was bought from Pretty Polish.


  1. Aw I think your aunt will be very happy with it. Older people are funny in that most of them have pretty strong opinions about nail polish! XD They're either real old school and prefer subdued or red; or they love the wild, outlandish colors. Hope she's doing alright and I'm glad the fall wasn't any worse than it was.

    1. My aunt definitely falls in the old school/subdued category (nope, not even red). She liked my manicure but 'those big glitters are a bit much, but I guess young girls are like that'. I wonder when I stop being 'a young girl'... I hope I'll stay it for years and years to come :)

      Oh, and she's doing a lot better already, she just doesn't like to be told what to do and all those exercises are for young people... It's a good thing the nurses and therapists don't agree ;)

  2. This looks very elegant and beautiful!


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