12 April 2015

Holographic gradient stamp

Hi everyone!

It's past 2:00 am over here and I should be in bed and asleep, instead of running around, shoving my fingers under my hubby's nose for the umptieth time and asking him what he thinks (and the sweet guy doesn't even sigh, he just tells me he thinks it looks great... yep, definitely the world's most patient man :)

So of course now you're wondering what I did that is so wonderful. Are you ready? This:

indoors, no flash
I did a gradient stamp! I finally managed to make the colors behave and blend together like the nail art goddesses do all the time!! Oh, I know the stamping is less than stellar and I can spot plenty of things that need improvement but I'm just so proud of myself :)

Here's a picture taken with the flashlight on my camera:
indoors, flash
I used a base of two coats of OPI Angel with a Leadfoot, added a coat of Seche Vite to be able to magically erase oopsies and chose an image of MoYou Sailor 07 to stamp on my nails. I painted four Color Club Halo Hues polishes next to each other on the plate: Angel Kiss, Blue Heaven, Cloud Nine and Halo-Graphic and scraped about two/three times, picked up the image with my trusty Konad stamper and rolled it on my nails while holding my breath... and scared my neighbours by bursting out in the you-did-it-song from My Fair Lady (this one).

I'm particularly proud of the way my thumb turned out:
indoors, no flash
These are the polishes I used:
OPI Angel with a Leadfoot, Color Club Angel Kiss, Color Club Blue Heaven,
Color Club Cloud Nine
, Color Club Halo-Graphic

What do you think of my first gradient stamp? And have you been as happy as I am now with a successful nail art or is the lack of sleep causing me to act this crazy? ;)

All Color Club Halo Hues are bought from Pretty Polish.


  1. So pretty!!!! @_@ Great job with the stamping and gradient and everything!! :D

    1. Thanks!! I'm still SOOOOO proud of my nails :)

  2. Zeg, waar zijn je follow options? Do want to follow! :D Goed gelukt joh! En ik wil ook al die lakjes ♥ Ik kan ook erg blij worden van een nailart die lukt zoals (of nog beter is dan) ik in mijn hoofd heb. Maar andersom ook, haha. Nou lekker genieten van het zonnetje met je holos!

    1. Ze staan erbij, hoor... netjes icoontjes in de goede kleur zitten fabrieken in het zonnetje :)


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