28 April 2015

Virgin queen in the snow

Hi everyone!

Remember me? I'm the one who THOUGHT she would have plenty of time to do nice manicures when she came home from her new job... boy, was I wrong! It's been very busy with getting used to a new place, new people and new responsibilities and when I came home, I just collapsed on the couch. I don't think I've been happier with all the food I've been stuffing in our freezer than last week :)

So I've been wearing a-england Her Rose Adagio for an entire week, which is a beautiful office friendly color and I didn't think anyone would be offended by it and it's interesting enough to not cringe when seeing my hands after a few days. Last Sunday I finally finished all the chores and instead of collapsing on the now familiar couch to watch some tv I sat down with polishes, files, cuticle oil and whatnot for some well deserved me-time (and to make sure my nails would look presentable for the coming week at work of course).

indoors, no flash
I was craving a color with a little more oomph to it but I still wanted it to be on the safer side of the color spectrum as well so after browsing my stash I chose a-england Virgin Queen. Virgin Queen is a beautiful grayish, brown-ish, olive-ish, pink-ish, undefined color that sparkles like crazy (but a civilized, elegant crazy) when hit by direct light. I used two thin coats but if I had made the first coat just a little bit thicker it would have been a one coater.

My ring finger was painted with three thin coats of OPI Alpine Snow, after which I stamped it with Virgin Queen and Bundle Monster plate BM-207. A coat of Seche Vite to seal everything and done!

These are the polishes I used (the pinker side of Virgin Queen shows a bit better in this bottle shot):
a-england Virgin Queen, OPI Alpine Snow

I like this manicure a lot. It's not over the top or anything but it's definitely more than just a plain color (however nice that color may be). I think it could still be considered office friendly... what do you think?

a-england Virgin Queen was bought from Pretty Polish.


  1. omg A England has some of the best formulas ever!! I hate that I can't order directly from her site anymore cuz of the shipping restrictions. :( Love that accent stamp! A little edgy, but I would stay office friendly. It doesn't stand out *too* much imo.

    1. I'm not sure what Adina puts in her polish, but it's highly addicting! Of course her formula is perfection in a bottle and she makes my favorite kind of holo: scattered... it's a good thing a few webshops around here sell them or I would be a frequent traveller to Great Brittain :)


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