31 May 2015

All blue skittlette

Hi everyone!

Yesterday started out as a gray, rainy, gloomy day but around noon the sun showed up so when I had to think of what to do with my nails for my in-laws 40th anniversary dinner there was just one option: holo!! Originally I wanted something red, as the 40th anniversary of a marriage is called a ruby anniversary (over here anyway), but I couldn't find anything that sparked my interest... until I saw a beautiful denim blue holo! So instead of ruby red my manicure turned out all blue (which actually fitted my blue-white-black outfit so I guess it was a good thing ;)

This is what my nails still look like at the moment:
indoors, no flash
On my thumb and index I used one coat (!!!) of El Corazon Prisma 423/26, a lovely denim blue holo that dried to a very glossy finish. My middle and ring finger were covered in three thin coats of Catrice Play It Blue from the Candy Shock collection, that dried with a matte finish. I used Prisma 423/26 to stamp the swirly image from MoYou London plate Pro XL 20 on it. Those Prisma polishes really stamp great so I'm glad my husband made me buy more of those (yep, all his fault, I couldn't help it... he insisted, really, he did! You believe me, right?). I wanted to do my pinky in a textured polish but I couldn't find the right color... so I ended up layering one coat of Zoya Sunshine over one coat of OPI Get Your Number and adding a coat of El Corazon Art Top Coat 421/21 Blue Lagoon for some extra blue sparkles. It's still a bit dark but as the aforementioned husband was starting to point at his watch and was holding my coat, I figured it would be best to stop fussing and leave for his parents :)

in the car, sunshine
While comfortably seated in the passenger seat, basking in the sun, I took this picture. Doesn't it look nice in the sunshine? Even the stamped nails showed tiny rainbow sparkles :)

And of course the line up of the used polishes:
El Corazon Prisma 423/26, Catrice Candy Shock C02 Play It Blue, OPI Get Your Number,
Zoya Sunshine, El Corazon Art Top Coat 421/21 Blue Lagoon

I really like this manicure so it'll probably be on my nails for a few more days... or not, if I feel like wearing a different color :)

El  Corazon Prisma 423/26 and El Corazon Art Top Coat 421/21 Blue Lagoon were bought from Hypnotic Polish.


  1. Oh my goodness so pretty!!! O_O I absolutely love your skittlettes. You come up with the best combinations!


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