04 June 2015

Fake unicorn pee

Hi everyone!

After reading this post by Michelle from Ordinary Misfit, I figured it would be fun to try another challenge (and maybe this time I can actually keep doing it ;)
First challenge: unicorn... ehm... total lack of inspiration struck immediately! So I turned to Pinterest and I saw cute pastels, horses with horns, more pastels... and I was SO not in the mood for cute. And then, after scrolling down a bit, I saw a manicure with a gorgeous, dark purple-red-gold multichrome shimmer in it... of course, Clarins 230 is lovingly called unicorn pee! I don't own the real unicorn pee, but I bought sort of a dupe a while ago, Max Factor Fantasy Fire. Immediately the little cogs in my head started turning and this is what I came up with.

indoors, no flash
I first painted my nails in two thin coats of OPI Lost My Bikini In Monokini (from the recent Hawaii collection). After that I added two thin coats of Fantasy Fire with the teeny tiny brush from the teeny tiny bottle... and I now know I thoroughly dislike teeny tiny bottles ;)

indoors, no flash
Look at that shimmer... isn't it beautiful? When I wiggled my fingers I could easily see it turning gold and even green and teal. I totally understand why people love this and if the Clarins polish is even better I can see why people pay over $200 for it, even though I don't think I would ever do that... I think ;)
(I wonder what would happen if I mentioned Clarins 230 to my husband and told him about a hundred times how gorgeous it is, throw in his favorite dinner... hmmm... I could be on to something here)

The last thing I did was stamp a simple geometric pattern on it using Essence Stampy Polish in Black and Born Pretty plate BP-L001 and a coat of Seche Vite to make it all glossy (and to have it stay on my nails a bit longer).

These are the polishes I used:
OPI Lost My Bikini In Monokini, Max Factor Fantasy Fire, Essence Stampy Polish Black
See what a miniature size that bottle of Fantasy Fire is? If they ever release it in a big girl size, I'm first in line to buy it AND a backup!

It has been quite sunny for the last few days (we're not mentioning the autumn storm that came by last Tuesday... that's just Mother Nature mixing up places as we're supposed to have spring now, fall is for another hemisphere) so I loved to reposition my fingers and stare at the colors on my nails. Yep, my colleagues have been giving me weird looks, but they're getting used to me already and some even complimented me on this manicure. Hope you like it too!

And now for the challenges...

This is what the other ladies did for the PPSA Nail Challenge:

Also, I think this is purple enough to be my purple entry for the SBB Nail Challenge (nope, haven't forgotten about that one ;)


  1. *pfft* Don't feel too bad. The more you look at the Clarins 230 online the uglier it is. Way overhyped IMO. ILNP Mutagen should be crowned the new Unicorn Pee because it's smooth and really does have a bazillion colors. ;)

    Love this combination and Fantasy Fire really puts it over the top! :D Gorgeous!

    1. Oh, I don't feel bad at all :)
      I don't wear Fantasy Fire often enough to justify buying Clarins 230 (but should someone be kind enough to gift it to me, I wouldn't throw it out... although that someone better not be my husband because I would have him have his head checked!!)
      I'm trying not to look too closely at those ILNP multichromes... they are just TOO gorgeous :)

  2. I am SO behind in my blog commenting due to a crazy schedule but I just HAD to comment here quick quick.
    Absolutely LOVE this!! What a clever interpretation of the prompt as well. I keep saying you can turn any prompt into something that suits you and this is a great example.
    Also, I am absolutely thrilled that you took part! Thank you so much!!!! xx

    1. Thank you!! :)
      I'm really glad I decided to go ahead and participate. It's just so much fun to see what ideas others have with the same challenge (and doing a manicure twice a week is something I should be able to handle... I hope ;)

  3. Oh wow, that shimmer is out of this world! Love this mani. Thanks for joining us on this challenge, I look forward to seeing more :)


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