16 August 2015

Matte brown skittlette

Hi everyone!

After all the bright colors that have been on my nails lately, I've been craving something a little less out there, and one of the polishes I truly treasure is a polish that is just that, gorgeous but definitely not screaming for attention: OPI You Don't Know Jacques Suede. I combined it with beige and matte glitters to make the skittlette you can see below.

indoors, no flash

On my thumb, index and pinky you see two thin coats of You Don't Know Jacques Suede, a gorgeous golden brown polish that dries to a semi- matte finish that feels very soft to the touch... I just can't stop stroking my nails! (so it's a good thing I've taken pictures already ;) It dries ridiculously fast so I had to make sure not to go over the same spot twice or it would start dragging. Isn't it awesome? I have some more OPI Suedes (still looking for Lincoln Park After Dark Suede and Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees Suede...) and if OPI ever decides to make more, I'll be the idiot who sleeps in front of the store to be first in line to get them :)

After that bit of info you probably didn't need, let's continue with my middle and ring finger that were painted in two thin coats of OPI My Vampire Is Buff, imo the perfect light beige base for any nail art. I added a coat of Seche Vite to help it dry and after that I tried stamping with Jacques Suede, but due to its incredibly short dry time that didn't work out so I grabbed the creme namesake, OPI You Don't Know Jacques. They're not exactly the same color but I felt they were close enough. The swirly image comes from Born Pretty plate BP-25.

To add a little something, I dabbed a few glitters from Catrice Luxury Nudes 03 Way Too Beautiful on my pinky. Way Too Beautiful is a clear base with small white and peach matte hexagons and some silvery shimmer thrown in for good measure. To finish it, I first painted a coat of Seche Vite on all my fingers but my thumb and index, followed by a coat of OPI Matte Topcoat to take away the glossy finish. Of course no topcoat on my thumb and index so Jacques Suede can be seen in all it's suede glory :)

These are the polishes I used:
OPI You Don't Know Jacques Suede, OPI My Vampire Is Buff, OPI You Don't Know Jacques,
Catrice Luxury Nudes 03 Way Too Beautiful

I absolutely love how my nails look and I can't wait to hear what my colleagues think.
Do you like them too? Or do you think I should have waited a while longer with the fall vibe and should have gone for some more bright colors?


  1. It's a vey discrete - yet eye-catching mani!

    1. Thanks! That was exactly what I had in mind, so I guess I did a good job :)

  2. Gorgeous!! Last night I did a Skittlette inspired by your manis. ^_^ I'll be posting it on the 21st. I hope you like it!

    1. Thank you!
      Ohh... just *counts on fingers* three more nights before I get to see it!!


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