13 August 2015

Sunny yellow skittlette

Hi everyone!

I have about ten minutes before I have to go to bed, so what better way to spend that time but writing a quick post about my current manicure :)

Yesterday was my brother's birthday and when he was little, his favorite color was yellow. So of course I wanted to do a yellow manicure. Unfortunately it was quite late when I could finally leave work, so when I got home I had about half an hour to shower, change clothes, eat and do my nails... and I did it!! Alright, dinner consisted of a fried egg sandwich (hey, it's warm so it's dinner ;) and I ate that when I was picking colors. How hard could it be to pick some nice yellows, right? Wrong!! I spent the better part of the time I had left figuring out what creme and what texture and what holo and of course what image to stamp with... but I did it and we were only five minutes late :)

This is what it turned out to be:
indoors, no flash

Thumb and index were painted with three thin coats of Cirque Colors Limoncello, a beautiful sparkly holo that looks a bit dirty in my picture but in real life it really is YELLOW. I tried to capture the rainbow with my flash but as usual you have to use your imagination :S My pinky was done in two coats of Nicole by OPI Lemon Lolly, a sunny yellow texture and the remaining two, middle and ring finger, received three thin coats of Rimmel Daisy Days, a pastel yellow with a surprising good formula (even though I still can't get used to the flat brushes, but that's just personal preference). I stamped a lovely floral image from UberChic plate 3-01 with Hit The Bottle Hello Buttercup. A coat of Seche Vite on all but my pinky and... not completely done. I felt the two stamped nails were missing something, so I added tiny dots of Lemon Lolly on random spots. One actually ended up in the center of a flower but that wasn't on purpose. I wasn't convinced adding the dots made it better, but time was running out so I had to leave it like that.

infoors, flash
My brother started grinning the moment he saw my nails so I would definitely call that Mission Accomplished (and the fact that I didn't even have to say anything or point at them made it even better).

And here are the polishes that took so long to get picked:
Cirque Colors Limoncello, Rimmel Daisy Days, Hit The Bottle Hello Buttercup,Nicole by OPI Lemon Lolly

Today was extremely warm and sunny so my nails sparkled like crazy with every ray of sunshine that fell on them, making me feel happy every time I saw them. And even a passer by commented on how happy all those shades of yellow looked together :) So what do you think of my monotone manicure?

Cirque Colors Limoncello was bought from Pretty Polish.
Hit The Bottle Hello Buttercup was bought from Hypnotic Polish.


  1. That is a super sunny mani, I love the way you combined it!

    1. Knowing your love for pastel yellows I already figured you might like it :)

  2. OOOoooohhhhh! Cream, texture, holo, stamp. Okay, I can totally do that. hehehehe So awesome that your brother noticed right off without you saying anything!! :D Definitely mission accomplished. *high fives*

    1. Of course you can! And you can cheat by adding (a lot of) top coat to the texture to create a glitter ;)


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