18 December 2016

Cozy and comfortable

Hi everyone,

after staring at all sorts of pretty red polishes without even a hint of inspiration for a Christmas manicure (even the Christmas carols that played in the background didn't help), I decided to go for more cosy and comfortable colors, grabbed a few of my beloved neutrals and sat down to do an office friendly manicure, as tomorrow is going to be chock full of meetings so I have to look more or less presentable (and now that I'm typing this I get a sudden craving for neon green ;) Anyway, a little while later my nails looked like this:

indoors, no flash

The darkest color is OPI You Sustain Me, a lovely mauve creme that needed three coats to reach full opacity. I probably could have gotten away with two but the last coat deepened the color some more to what you see in the pictures. I used two coats of essie Urban Jungle on my ring finger and three coats (with lots of time to let them dry in between) of Dance Legend 15 Gamayun on my middle finger. Last thing I did was use a dotting tool to make dots with You Sustain Me and Gamayun on my ring finger and a coat of Seche Vite and voila... office ready nails!

Gamayun was the polish that I was looking forward to using the most of all three polishes in this manicure. It's a nude colored, textured holo! You can't see the holo effect very well in the picture above so here's another one I took with flash:

indoors, with flash
It shows the sparkle a little better but in real life it's even more visible. The texture is very fine, even finer than the original PixieDust polishes, and I guess that makes the holo sparkles hide a little more than I would have liked. It is a very pretty color though and I'm quite certain this is a manicure that even the most conservative colleague couldn't complain about :)

The comfy colors I picked:

OPI You Sustain Me, Dance Legend 15 Gamayun, essie Urban Jungle

To me these colors feel like sitting on the couch under a soft, fluffy blanket and watching the old Christmas classics, like Miracle on 34th Street (both the 1947 one and the one with Richard Attenborough who is Santa personified to me) and It's a Wonderful Life, not to mention any version of A Christmas Carol aka Scrooge I can find. I really love Christmas, I'm just having some trouble getting into the cheerful, happy Christmas mood... but I'm sure I'll get there before the 25th. How about you? Are you completely ready and impatiently waiting for Christmas?

Dance Legend 15 Gamayun was bought from Hypnotic Polish.


  1. Oh this is SO pretty and it does give me that cosy comfortable feeling, soft furnishings and a blanket, a good book and chilling on the sofa comes to mind! You always have such an impeccable taste for combining colours. Its a skill I rather envy! I hope you had a lovely Christmas :)


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