16 December 2016

ABC Challenge overview

Hi everyone,

now that the ABC Challenge is finished (my very first fully completed challenge... yay!) I figured it would be nice to have an overview of all manicures I did so be prepared for a lot of nails (26 x 5 = 130 to be exact).

Each letter from the alphabet links to the original post (or at least that's what I tried to do ;)

A - Alice: Madness Returns
B - Blooms in blue
C - Chinese cloisonné
D - Double stamped and dotted
E - Emerald
F - Flames
G - Girly
H - Holographic gradient
I - Iridescent layering
J - Jelly watercolor
K - Kaleidoscope
L - Larimar
M - Minty Moroccan
N - Nude to neon
O - Orange-n-white
P - Peacock
Q - Quilted
R - Re-created
S - Subtle stamping
T - Triangles
U - Untrieds
V - Violet vines
W - Winter wonderland in white
X - Xochitl
Y - Years ago
Z - Zentangled

I've already spotted a couple that I would love to re-do in different colors. Which one(s) is (are) your favorites?

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