24 September 2017

Dusky & dazzling

Hi everyone!

The ingredients for another quick and easy manicure: a gorgeous polish-with-thingies to act as the main star, a creme polish to fulfill the supporting role of base and a shiny one that is the little extra. Add some time and a geometric image, and voila... a new look for your nails :)

My main star is Femme Fatale Dusk Dazzle, a beautiful brownish purple (= mauve) polish with gold-to-burgundy shifting shimmer and small and larger holo particles (see? Thingies!), and I applied three thin coats of this wonderful concoction to my middle and ring finger to get the result you see in the picture.

I used three coats of Rimmel 202 Fit for a Princess on the other three nails. I love the color but I can't say I'm very impressed with the formula as it pulled the base layers as soon as I went over a spot twice, so I had to be very careful while applying it. The result was worth the effort though as it's a lovely pale pink that wasn't too warm tinted.

After a coat of Seche Vite on all nails I stamped my ring finger with an image from Born Pretty BP-L040 using essie Nothing Else Metals. When that had dried enough I finished with another coat of Seche Vite to seal the stamp and done :)

Rimmel 202 Fit for a Princess, Femme Fatale Dusk Dazzle, essie Nothing Else Metals

As you can tell, I'm firmly stuck in the darker, more fall oriented colors... and I love them! Dusk Dazzle was a polish my husband told me to get as he was sure I would love it, and he was right (of course). I wish I could show you the almost glowing-from-within shimmer that is very visible in it but my photography skills are still lacking. I might try and snap a picture with my mobile phone when I'm outside in the sunshine. Sunshine?! Yep, we're having a wonderful sunny Sunday with temperatures reaching as high as 20 degrees C (Google tells me that's 68 degrees F) and I'm off for a ride on my bike as soon as I've finished typing this up. I hope you're enjoying your weekend too, nice weather or not :)

Update: here's a picture I've taken when at the petting zoo with my nephew and niece. Yep, they definitely thought their aunt was wacky for taking pictures of her nails instead of the animals ;) It does show the sparklier side of Dusk Dazzle so I figured I would add it, tip wear and all!

Femme Fatale Dusk Dazzle was bought from Nailland Hungary.


  1. You amaze me everytime with your colour picking skills... I love it! Also dusk dazzle is stunning! Especially the bottle shot.

    1. Dankie! (yep, totally borrowed that from your replies ;)
      Dusk Dazzle is even more beautiful in real life as even the bottle shot doesn't really show the glow-from-the-inside shimmer. It's one of the prettiest polishes I've seen this fall. I've added a picture taken in the sunshine that shows that shimmer a bit better.


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