21 September 2017

Autumn is here!

Hi everyone,

it's September 21st and that means summer is officially over, the sun will hide her face earlier and the nights lengthen (unless you're on the southern hemisphere, in that case spring has sprung and you're heading for summer ;) Of course most polish creators have released their fall collections weeks ago and I have picked up a few vampy-er polishes already, among which a gorgeous shimmery brown that I used as the base for the manicure I want to show you today:

The dark brown polish you see on all my nails is Catrice Brown Collection 04 Unmistakable Style. I used two thin coats but I could easily have gotten away with just one slightly thicker coat. A top coat is mandatory to bring out the shimmery beauty of this polish as it doesn't dry with a glossy finish (not matte either, more of a satin finish). After adding some shine the red-gold shimmer shows up perfectly and it almost glows in the sunshine, perfect for the season as far as I'm concerned.

To make my nails even more season-appropriate I stamped leaves from Born Pretty plate BP-L024 on my middle and ring finger using two chrome polishes from the p2 Techno Chrome line, orange 110 Copper Cup and warm yellow gold 020 Champagne Glare that I dabbed on the plate to get multi colored leaves. It doesn't show up very well in the picture though, it looks way prettier in real life so feel free to come over and check them out in person ;)

The polishes I used are shown below, but the lighting totally messed with how the shiny bottles and caps look. Apparently my camera freaked out trying to capture a flat shiny surface and shows the front of the p2 bottles as a dark square where in reality the bottles are the same color as the cap and show the color of the polish inside (they are completely opaque so you can't see the actual polish). The cap of the Catrice bottle is a lovely rose gold but again, my camera didn't like it one bit... but as I always include a bottle shot, here it is:

Catrice Brown Collection 04 Unmistakable Style, p2 Techno Chrome 110 Copper Cup, p2 Techno Chrome 020 Champagne Glare

Another quick and easy manicure, I know, but I love those... a lot! I don't always have the time to do an intricate, complex manicure when I want to change the way my nails look so it's nice to know a technique that requires little effort for a pretty result. And apparently these nails are considered pretty as I've received a couple of compliments on them already. I hope you like them too :)


  1. Oh this is just gorgeous!! Beautiful colour choices, perfect for fall! I love all of these polishes too, I wish I'd seen that Catrice while I was still in Holland! I've done something with leaves and similar colours but I can' get that post out until next month :( I really wish I was in a place that was heading into summer. I've decided to start a petition against winter. I don't think we need it anymore. Thank you so much for taking time to help me with the passport fiasco. Apparently they will accept the initials on a ID card, WAHOO! <3 Have a great weekend, lovey.

    1. You can always come visit me Ithi, it's spring after all.
      Lovely mani by the way Joyce.

    2. Thanks Ithi! I don't think the Brown collection was released yet when you were in Holland :(
      Oh no! I'm a winter baby so I wouldn't have birthdays anymore... on the other hand, if that means I won't age that might come in handy!
      YES!!! So does that mean you can start your training next month? Still keeping my fingers crossed, just in case ;)

    3. Tssssssssss... you're weird, it's absolutely fall ;p
      Thanks Juanita :)


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