10 February 2020

52 week nail art challenge - 6: Hearts

Hi everyone!

The sixth week of the 52 week nail art challenge is... hearts! (of course it had to be something related to Valentine ;)
I decided to fully immerse myself into the upcoming holiday and picked all reds and pinks to do my manicure with. This is the result:

My manicure started with one coat (ONE!!!) of Zoya Liza on my thumb, index and middle finger. Liza is red, but not a bright firetruck version. It's more of a dusty, soft red and I love it! Also, the formula is awesome. It's a one coater, it's glossy all by itself, it's perfection in a bottle :)

I painted my ring finger with three thin coats of my favorite pale pink, OPI Beyond the Pale Pink, and my pinky was done with two thin coats of OPI Good Girls Gone Plaid (GGGP), an almost black burgundy red.

I used GGGP to stamp an image from Infinity Nails plate 18 on my middle finger. I picked up the same image in GGGP again, colored in the small hearts with Liza and carefully rolled it on my ring finger. And that was it (except of course the coat of Seche Vite I used on all nails to seal and add gloss).

The Valentine's polishes of this year:
OPI Beyond the Pale Pink, Zoya Liza, OPI Good Girls Gone Plaid

What can I say that isn't already obvious? I really, really like my nails this way and I hope you do too :)


Please let me know what you think. I may not reply right away but I will get back to you in the end... promised!