• 52 week nail art challenge 36: Stars

    Hi everyone!

    Another week, another theme for the 52 week nail art challenge. This week it's Stars, and I immediately knew I wanted to recreate this manicure by @alinasnailplace, but with stars (and slightly different colors and sparkles 😉). Here's my version:

    I started by painting my thumb, index and pinky with one (ONE!!) coat of dusty purple Kinetics Vagabond Party. My ring finger was coated in two thin coats of peachy nude Kinetics Skin Twin and my pinky in three thin coats of Painted Polish Rose Gold Romantic 2.0, a coral holo with added copper shimmer... uber-gorgeous!

    When the base was dry I dug up the two brandless star-shaped vinyls that I received ages ago with an order of nail polish. I stuck them to my silicone mat, put some blobs of the three polishes I used in random places on the vinyls and added a few blobs of white Catrice ICONails Milky Bay to add some lighter accents. I then scraped the excess polish away with a scraper card, like I do when stamping. I peeled off the vinyls and left the remaining stars to dry for over half an hour.

    When the stars were dry enough, I carefully pried them off my mat, placed them on an old and battered clear stamper, making sure the shiny side was down and tried to put them on my nail. Of course they didn't stick, so I covered my middle finger with a coat of base coat, waited until it became tacky and put the stars in place, one by one. When that was done, I repeated the procedure on my ring finger and finished my manicure with a coat of Seche Vite on all nails to seal everything and bring back the sparkle in the stars.

    The polishes I used:

    Kinetics Vagabond Party, Kinetics Skin Twin, Catrice ICONails Milky Bay, Painted Polish Rose Gold Romantic 2.0

    I am so proud of these nails! I fell in love with Alina's manicure but I was a bit hesitant to try it myself as it involved vinyls and my track record with them isn't that great... I shouldn't have worried as this is so easy to do! In fact, I loved the technique so much I actually ordered several shapes of vinyls while working on this manicure, so I'm definitely going to repeat this. I hope you like my starry nails too 😊

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