19 November 2014

Brown with a golden accent

Hi everyone!

I've just received a huge present... a camera!! It's an Olympus E-520 and it looks pretty intimidating with all the different buttons and menu options and lenses so I'm going to have to study the manual... but I already took it for a test run and photographed my current manicure.

indoors, no flash

This is Brit Chick from the Check & Tweed collection by Catrice. In the bottle it looks brown but with a lot of red in it (almost a dark brick red) with lots of silvery shimmer. On my nails it turns into a beautiful warm dark brown with a very subtle shimmer. In the picture I've used two thin coats of Brit Chick over OPI Natural Base.

When I was fiddling with the buttons and trying to get a focused image of my nails, the mailman brought another present... OPI Don't Speak, the 18K gold top coat that was released along with the current holiday collection. Of couse I couldn't wait to try it out and I painted my ring fingers with a thin coat of Don't Speak.

indoors, no flash
I love it!! Not only are there small gold flakes but the polish is also filled with teeny tiny glitters that look iridescent under direct light and gold in normal light. Also the combination with the dark brown is just perfect and I can't stop looking at my nails. I can definitely see myself wearing this over a classic red for Christmas.

These are the bottles:
Catrice C04 Brit Chick, OPI Don't Speak

Don't Speak was a present from my husband since he figured I would never buy it for myself (and he's probably right). Would you wear a gold leaf top coat or any other really expensive polish?

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