17 November 2014

Limited Edition "VIENNART" by Catrice

Hi everyone!

A brand new limited edition collection by Catrice was displayed in the drugstore this morning and I brought the polishes home with me.

From the Catrice website:
Beauty Vernissage. The fascinating glamour of Art Nouveaux is celebrating an impressive comeback. Floral elements and elegant lace applications attract the attention of the front rows at the international fashion shows. Designers are placing great emphasis on a modern interpretation of slim silhouettes and ornamental prints. The Limited Edition “VIENNART” by CATRICE unites this trend in an artistic and extremely feminine beauty collection. From mid November to December 2014, various red nuances are combined with apricot. Mauve is contrasted with metallic lavender and modern gold as well as shimmering mother-of-pearl create glamorous highlights. Fascinating Art Nouveau – by CATRICE.

The nail polish part of the collection consists of four polishes with various finishes. The bottles are the standard Catrice cylindrical bottles but with some embellishments on the label that look like flowery lace. The brushes weren't as horrible as with some other recent Catrice polishes but the cutting machine still needs a major overhaul as the brushes look like a square one with the corners cut off... not good!

Anyway, on to the colors.

C01 - Pearlescent Purpose: a sheer, white polish with a pearlescent finish. In the picture I used three medium thick coats but I could still see a little bit of VNL. I wouldn't wear this as a full manicure, but I can see myself using this polish to make dots with that need a little shine to them.
Catrice C01 Pearlescent Purpose - indoors, no flash

C02: Vienna Rose Woods: a dusty pinkish mauve polish packed with gold shimmer. In the picture I wear two medium thick coats and a thin one to cover up some slight drag marks as I was too impatient. I think two medium coats should be enough for complete coverage. The shimmer isn't really visible in my picture but it sure was in real life. In my opinion this color is perfect for fall and I will definitely wear this again.
Catrice C02 Vienna Rose Woods - indoors, no flash

C03: LilART Lily: a silvery lavender in the bottle but definitely more silver than lavender on my nails. LilART Lily has a foil finish and removing it meant all my fingers were covered in small sparkly particles. Unfortunately it is pretty sheer so I used three coats for the picture and I could still see a little bit of VNL. This is another one that I wouldn't wear as a full manicure but again, it should be nice to make sparkly dots with.
Catrice C03 LilART Lily - indoors, no flash

C04: ARTful Red: a brick red polish packed with gold shimmer. This was my absolute favorite in the collection, a gorgeous red that screams autumn to me. Again the shimmer isn't really visible in the picture but it definitely shows in real life. The formula was the best of all four polishes, two thin coats was enough to cover my nails, it dried quite fast and it leveled out nicely as well... yep, to me this is the star of this collection.
Catrice C04 ARTful Red - indoors, no flash

Which polish is your favorite?

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