21 December 2014

a-england - Her Rose Adagio

Hi everyone!

When I'm in a hurry and I don't have the time to wait for multiple coats to dry but I still want something really pretty on my nails, I grab an a-england polish. The ones I own are without any exceptions perfect one coat wonders which is great when you're in a hurry. Today I'm wearing Her Rose Adagio from the Ballerina collection that was released in December 2013.

indoors, no flash
From the a-england site:
Her rose adagio

One of the most famous solos in classic ballet is the Rose Adagio. Technically it is not a solo, as Aurora dances with four suitors, yet it is considered to be such because she does the most difficult dancing. In this tour de force the ballerina must execute very exacting balance moves while changing partners. Each pass becomes exceedingly more difficult beginning with leg extensions and balancing arabesques. The penultimate test comes when Aurora balanced en pointe in an arabesque is turned 360 degrees by each suitor. In between the handoffs she raises both arms in fifth position (overhead) before she takes the next suitor's hand and should remain in perfect balance as solid as a rock.

If you want to see the Rose Adagio performed by Margot Fonteyn, the inspiration for the entire Ballerina collection, click here.

To me, Her Rose Adagio is perfection in a bottle. It's a faded silvery pink polish that looks neutral and very elegant. When direct light hits it, it shows gorgeous rainbows that aren't the strong linear kind but scattered instead. As all a-england holos this is a one coat wonder so all you see in the photographs is one coat of OPI Natural Base and one coat of a-england Her Rose Adagio. I didn't have the time to add top coat but from experience I know top coat doesn't dull the rainbows in a-england polish so I'm pretty sure that is the case with this polish as well. I've tried to capture the rainbows using the flash on my camera. It looks better than the pitiful attempt using my mobile phone but I still need a lot of practice!

indoors, flash
This is what the bottle looks like:
indoors, no flash
Her Rose Adagio is soft but by no means boring and I think it would make a perfect background for stamping so if I can find some free time between making Christmas pudding and wrapping gifts I want to try that. I think a dark polish to stamp with would look really pretty, maybe a purple or burgundy. And thinking of stamping, since this is a one coater it will probably be good to stamp with as well. Another entry for my to do list!

What are your go-to polishes when you don't have the time to do a multi layer manicure?

a-england Her Rose Adagio was bought from Pretty Polish.

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