28 June 2015

Mint and teal dots

Hi everyone,

quickie post today as there is a lot going on and I don't have much time to spend on the puter.

This is my entry for the PPSA Nail Challenge - week 4 - Go Wild With Dots.
indoors, no flash
I used ILNP Music Box on my index and thumb. ILNP Fall Semester is on my pinky and OPI Angel with a Leadfoot with dots of Music Box and Fall Semester are on my middle and ring finger. Both ILNP polishes were opaque in two coats, Angel with a Leadfoot needed three coats.

indoors, flash
Music Box and Fall Semester are both gorgeous polishes with the perfect formula I've seen with all the ILNP polishes I've tried so far. Both have a strong linear holo that you can even see inside the dots. Definitely love them!

The line up:
ILNP Music Box, ILNP Fall Semester, OPI Angel with a Leadfoot
I really hope to have some more time next week, but for now I have to run... sowwy :(

If you want to see more dots, check out the other ladies who participated:

ILNP Music Box and ILNP Fall Semester were bought from Nailland Hungary.


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    1. Holo's are the finish I love best... and will probably be the main cause for my future bankruptcy ;)


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