12 June 2015

Pink turtle shell manicure

Hi everyone!

As the weather forecast predicted sunshine (and lots of it) and the PPSA Nail Challenge called for pink I just had to go for pink and holo.

indoors, no flash
I chose Liquid Sky Lacquer Jackie's Pink of the Mode, a pink holographic polish that reminds me of the bubbles I could blow with Bubblicious chewing gum (remember those? People didn't even have to see you, they could just smell your approach ;) It was kind of sheer so I had to use four thin coats to get it opaque but the formula was great and it dried fast so I didn't mind. JPotM is filled with little holo sparkles that show up beautiful under direct light.

indoors, flash
As I was in a hurry to finish my nails (but I simply can't go to work without some sort of nail art anymore) I chose the fastest way to artify my manicure: stamping! I used Essence Stampy Polish in Black and the turtle shell image from Bundle Monster plate BM-313, and of course a coat of Seche Vite afterwards to make sure the black stayed where I wanted it to.

in the car, sunshine
We had to go out and when I was sitting in the car I took this picture with my mobile, just to show you how pretty JPotM is :)

And, as usual, the bottle shot:
Liquid Sky Lacquer Jackie's Pink of the Mode, Essence Stampy Polish in Black
As simple as this manicure is, I received a surprising amount of compliments on it, even from passers by. I guess sunshine makes everybody just a little more friendly and more outgoing :)

This is what the other ladies did for the pink PPSA Nail Challenge:

Oh, just in case you were wondering why there is only one entry for the PPSA Nail Challenge this week, the other challenge was Sugar Spun. I don't think I have ever been so frustrated with a technique as that one! I decided to just let it go and try it some other time when I was about to start throwing bottles and dotting tools across the room. Maybe it was the polish I chose, maybe I just didn't wait long enough, I don't know. So there will be no entry from me for that one... for safety reasons ;)

Liquid Sky Lacquer Jackie's Pink of the Mode was bought from Norway Nails.


  1. I love holo's. Wish they were easier to find. I totally see bubblegum in this :)

    1. I guess I'm lucky. Over here most brands have a few holos in their collection, even the cheap drugstore ones :)


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