22 November 2015

A very office friendly skittlette

Hi everyone!

Last week I had a lot of appointments where green, blue and/or rainbow colored nails just weren't appropriate. So neutrals it was and I have been looking all grown up and mature for a while (not to worry, inside the rainbows were playing poker with the glitters ;)

This is what my nails looked like after they had an adult makeover:
indoors, no flash

I used three polishes for this manicure: Cirque Colors Glitterati, OPI Tiramisu For Two and Rimmel SpaceDust 003 Aurora.

My thumb and index were done in one thin and one slightly thicker coat of Glitterati, a beautiful grayed brown with some purple thrown in. It dried to an insanely glossy finish so the only reason I used top coat was that I wanted it to dry faster. It not only has a great formula that self levels like it was invented by Cirque, but the brush is perfect (not too long, not too wide, just... well, just right!) and of course it smells like lavender and sage which might not be a pro to all, but it is to me.

I painted my middle and ring finger with three thin coats of Tiramisu For Two, a lovely nude with the great formula that I've come to expect of OPI. First coat was a bit streaky but if I had done the second coat just a tiny bit thicker I would have been done after two. As I did it a bit too thin I had to add a third. After the coat of Seche Vite on top had dried, I stamped lace on it using Glitterati and UberChic plate Love & Marriage-01 and added another coat of Seche Vite to help protect it as I knew I would probably not have time to do another manicure for almost a week.

Last but not least two coats and some dabbing of Aurora on my pinky, a textured polish with just about the same color as Tiramisu. I'm still not too happy with Rimmel's wide brush, especially with my teeny tiny sized pinky but I managed to get the polish where I wanted it to be.

The bottle shot:
Cirque Colors Glitterati, OPI Tiramisu For Two, Rimmel SpaceDust 003 Aurora

I have mixed feelings about this manicure. If it had been on my nails for two days max, I would have loved it, but after a week I'm just craving some COLOR! On the other hand I didn't feel out of place even once and my nails actually served as a conversation opener at two different occasions, so I guess I didn't do too bad. I did discover I really like lace patterns so you can expect more of those ;)

What kind of manicure would you do if you had to go for office friendly? Or would you just use clear polish and be done with it?

Cirque Colors Glitterati was bought from Pretty Polish.
UberChic Love & Marriage-01 was bought from She Sells Seashells.


  1. It is indeed very work friendly - but pretty!

  2. Oooooh very adulty and pretty, too! :) It's kind of sad, though, isn't it? Men can wear loud ties and they're whimsical, but we have to tone down our nails? Sexism...... -_-

    1. In this case I didn't see a loud tie or wacky cartoon so I guess they did their best to look mature as well ;) Usually I don't care about what I wear on my nails, work or not. I only tone it down when I expect to feel uncomfortable when my nails are 'out there'.

    2. lol Well that's good, at least. ;) It's nice when things are even and it gets to be your choice.


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