08 November 2015

Aveniro glass nail files - a review

Hi everyone!

A different post this time, no polish to be found, but it's still nail related so don't worry :)

A while ago I read a review for Aveniro glass files and in it was a new product that I was very interested in: a glass manicure stick. I contacted the company to ask if they could direct me to a reseller. They asked me if I would be interested in testing out some of their products and write a review about my experience. I was very happy to accept as I've been using a glass file for almost as long as I've been polishing my nails and I've been curious to find out if Czech glass files really are as special as the reviews say they are. About a week later a small package was delivered and inside I found these files:

I put away my own files and have used these files exclusively for about 10 days now. And I have to say, I'm impressed!

The smallest file is the perfect size to take with me wherever I go. Every time I find myself picking on a little snag, I just take out my file and get rid of it, leaving my nail perfectly smooth. Afterwards I just rinse it under the tap, pat it dry with a tissue and put it back into it's cover.

The two larger files are of the same great quality as the little one, just longer :) The embellished one is sitting on my desk at the moment, all pretty in it's velvet cover, but it was put to good use earlier today when my husband managed to get a nasty tear in his thumb nail and I could just grab his wrist before his teeth started to demolish the poor injured thing. Instead of gnawing I filed down his nail until the tear was gone. We were both surprised at how fast it took down length so I hope his teeth will no longer be used as a manicure tool ;) I used the other 135 mm file for my toes and that also was a very pleasant experience so that file is now in the bathroom with the other pedicure tools.

One thing I really like about all three files is that they have two different sides. One side is a bit grittier than the other so for taking down length I can use the grittiest side and for finishing off (or doing my nieces's nails) I use the smoother side.

The last tool I received was the one I was most interested in: the manicure stick. It is basically a glass cylinder with a pointed end and a bevelled end that you can see in the pictures below. Both ends feel the same as the files, except for the flat part at the end of the bevelled one.

pointed end
bevelled end
The pointed end is great for getting under your nail to remove unwanted stuff, but also to get rid of the remaining shavings after taking down some length. All you have to do is roll it against the underside of your free edge and they're gone. I used it to remove the nail polish that was left under my free edge by wrapping part of a cotton pad with acetone around it. I'm pretty sure I'll figure out even more ways to use this end :)

The bevelled end is meant to be used as a cuticle pusher. I have to admit I was a little worried to push back my cuticles with something as hard as glass, as I've only used a rubber pusher so far. I'm glad to report there was nothing to be scared of. The flat part is completely smooth so you don't damage your nails or your manicure. Just remember to be gentle pushing back your cuticles (but you always have to do that, no matter what tool you use). I can also see myself using this end to flatten nail stamping decals when applying them to my nails but I haven't tried that yet.

Last but not least I love the fact that all tools are made of glass. That means I can just clean everything with water and soap and they are as good as new. If there are some remnants of nail polish  on them I can just use a little acetone and thoroughly rinse with water after that. Also, as long as I don't drop them, I can use them for life as they are chemically etched so they can't wear out. If you want to read more on that subject, please check out this page on the Aveniro website.

In short: my old files will probably gather a lot of dust as I don't plan on using anything but these files! I truly hope Aveniro will open an online store soon so anyone who is interested can buy their products. For now you can reach them through the contact form on their site or through Facebook.

Oh, and my curiosity was satisfied: these Czech nail files are way better than the drugstore ones I've been using ;)

* These free samples were sent to me for my honest review, based on my experience with the products. Please note that this is my personal opinion. I received no additional monetary compensations. The links to the manufacturer's website are not affiliate links.


  1. I'm glad you got these - they are such lovely files, and I think the manicure stick is just brilliant, I love mine as you know!

    1. I'm so happy to have gotten these. You're absolutely right, the manicure stick is brilliant :)

  2. What a great review. These nail files seem amazing and I might have to track one down.

    1. Thank you! They really are great so I hope you'll be able to find them :)

  3. Free stuff is awesome! Even better when it works. I've still never used a glass file... I guess I should see if I can find one on amazon. I have several files that work fine so it's hard for me to go out and spend real life money to "replace" something that works. lol

    1. Hehe, true! If you ever decide to try out a glass file, make sure it's a Czech one. These really are better than all the other ones I've tried :)

  4. I may really need to look into the manicure stick, mine is the cheapest piece of plastic on the earth! These nail files look fantastic too. I don't think you can ever go back once you make the move to glass files! <3 I'm going to keep these in mind when I need to grab myself a new one! xx

    1. I never thought I would like that stick as much as I do, but if you can get your hands on it: don't hesitate and get it. It's great! :)


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