18 May 2016

Blooms in blue

Hi everyone!

A very quick post for a quick manicure that was done in three shades of blue:

indoors, no flash

On my thumb and index you see two very thin coats of a-england Tristam, a gorgeous dark blue scattered holo that actually covers in one coat unless you've swiped off too much polish... My pinky was painted with two thin coats of Colors by Llarowe Ice Ice Baby, a bright blue strong linear holo (is anyone else hearing that 90's song in their head? And I don't even like it!!!) and my middle and ring finger were done in two coats of Barry M Huckleberry, a lovely pastel creme.

indoors, with flash
That takes care of the blue part. For the bloom part of my manicure I tried to do a stamped gradient with an image from UberChic plate 1-02 using Tristam and Ice Ice Baby (there's that song again...) but instead of turning into a nice gradient from the inner part of the flower turned dark blue while the outer part stayed light blue... and I actually quite liked it like that :) Both holos are strong enough to add sparkle to the stamp, although it is not that visible in the picture I took with flash but I promise it is definitely visible in real life.

The polishes I used:
Barry M Huckleberry, Colors by Llarowe Ice Ice Baby, a-england Tristam

Even though this turned out quite different from what I had in mind, I like it. What do you think?

It also serves as my B-manicure for the ABC Challenge. I planned to do a blobbicure for that but if you read my previous post you know what happened there... so B for blue and B for bloom it is. Below are the other B-manicures:

Barry M Huckleberry was bought from Alice & Jo.
Colors by Llarowe Ice Ice Baby was bought from Nailland Hungary.
a-england Tristam was bought from Pretty Polish.


  1. I love that gradient stamping, so delicate and beautiful!

    1. Thanks Maria! I'm happy you like it too :)

  2. I like that stamping, too! So awesome. I thought it was a double stamp. Nicely done. <3

    1. Thanks!! Hehe, if I could double stamp like that I would be a pro ;)


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