15 May 2016

This should have been a blobbicure...

Hi everyone!

As the title suggests, I had a blobbicure in mind when I started this manicure. All chores were done, hubby was busy doing whatever hubbies do when their wife is going to paint her nails and I had an entire day of free time ahead of me so I wanted to try this ridiculously easy technique that promised really pretty results (according to YouTube and all the blog posts I read about it).

I chose two polishes that I liked together and I sat down for what turned out to be the most frustrating nail painting session I've encountered so far! Let's just say blobbicures and me don't get along... at all!! The blobs either didn't spread or spread way too far, it looked too asymmetrical for me to be happy with, I repeatedly smudged the drying blobs, in short it was a disaster.

I had a birthday party to go to and of course I didn't intend to go there with naked nails, so in the last 15 minutes before I had to leave I did a quick stamped skittlette and that was it. This is what I wore for the party:
indoors, no flash

I painted two thin coats of Barry M Cream Soda on all fingers but my pinky. It covered quite nice in one coat but I could see a few bald spots so two coats it was. My pinky was done in two thin coats of Colors by Llarowe Her Red Hair, a lovely red-to-orange-to-gold multichrome that doesn't venture into green as most other multichromes do and I love it! I stamped my middle and ring finger with an swirly image from UberChic plate 7-01 using Her Red Hair again. It looks a bit more pink as it isn't fully opaque but the shift is still there, even if I'm not able to capture it on camera. A quick coat of Seche Vite over all my nails to speed up the drying, some impatient foot tapping from my husband who wanted to leave while I waited for Seche Vite to do its magic and we were off :)

These are the two polishes I used:

Barry M Cream Soda, Colors by Llarowe Her Red Hair

Thank goodness there is always stamping to create a pretty manicure in a short time! I can't stand that I failed so miserably with the blobbicure though. Have you ever tried one? Do you have any tips so that I might succeed next time? Please share!

I hope you all have a great long weekend and it's a bit warmer where you are than it is over here. I've just heard on the radio it's the coldest Pentecost since 1936... so much for summer ;) Take care, wherever you are!

Barry M Cream Soda was bought from Barry M.
Colors by Llarowe Her Red Hair was bought from Nailland Hungary.
UberChic 7-01 was bought from Nail-Artisan.


  1. I love it - great stamping, but I'm sure your blobbicure also would have been gorgeous!

    1. Thanks but really, it was so bad I didn't even finish it. I removed it all after the third nail... the colors were very pretty though so those I used in this manicure as well :)

  2. Very pretty! I usually have the opposite problem of things being too symmetrical. *grr* I'm not even sure what a blobbicure is so I'm going to be googling that tonight.

    1. Hehe, thanks! For me it doesn't have to be completely symmetrical (I never do both hands in the same order) but when I start to wince just looking at something it has to go ;)


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