13 May 2016

Blue and black and tribal

Hi everyone!

I just received a surprise from my husband: all four Frozen Smoothies polishes by KIKO. Of course I had to play with them and I decided to go for the blue one, Glossy Doughnut. I combined it with a sparkly black texture and a black stamp with a tribal feel to it (or at least I think it looks tribal ;)

indoors, no flash

Glossy Doughnut is a lovely light blue that is filled with miniscule dark specks. Hardly visible even when I look at my nails close up but the effect is a dusty look that I really like :) I can see a little bit of shimmer in the bottle as well but that (fortunately, as far as I'm concerned) completely disappears on the nail. All Frozen Smoothies come in a bottle with a huge white cap but that comes off very easily to reveal a normal sized round cap and an equally normal length, wide brush that enabled me to cover each nail except my thumb in one stroke... and no other coats needed either as this is a one coat wonder!! Formula is, again, normal. It self levels quite nicely and it dries in a normal time as well. No yucky smells either, so basically a very nice polish that I would definitely recommend to friends if they are looking for a happy spring color.

So... the manicure! On all nails except my ring finger you see one coat of KIKO Glossy Doughnut and a coat of Seche Vite to speed up the drying. My ring finger is covered with two thin coats of Nicole by OPI A-Nise Treat, a black texture that is a 100% dupe for Zoya Dahlia and I have no idea why I got it... but it has the finely textured finish that I love best in textured polishes so I'm not complaining (except about that horribly shaped bottle... I wonder what the designer was on when he or she came up with this idea). Last but not least I stamped a tribal looking image from Bundle Monster's Collaboration plate BM-XL205 using Hit The Bottle As Black As Night, a coat of Seche Vite and voila... blue nails :)

The contributors to my manicure:
KIKO Frozen Smoothies 13 Glossy Doughnut, Nicole by OPI A-Nise Treat, Hit The Bottle As Black As Night

I know this isn't a very special manicure with complicated techniques. It's just some colors that go together nicely and a quick stamp to add some visual interest. It did what I intended though: a quick, spring look that makes me smile when I look at it. I hope it does that for you as well :)

Oh, and before I forget, as this is tribal... I can check off another SBB Challenge: number 47 :D

KIKO Frozen Smoothies 13 Glossy Doughnuts was bought from KIKO Milano.
Hit The Bottle As Black As Night was bought from Hypnotic Polish.
Bundle Monster BM-XL205 was bought from Rainbow Connection.


  1. I love tribal manis, and this is no exception!

  2. the blue base is gorgeous. love the tribal pattern :)

    1. Thank you! The base is even more gorgeous in person... I didn't do it justice at all.

  3. Combinou muito bem, ficaram lindas!

    blog Usei Hoje

  4. It may not be complicated, but it sure is beautiful! I think your hubby deserves some special thanks. ;) Best surprise ever.

    1. Thanks Lizzy! Hehe, I think he knows how happy I am with my new pretties (although I might have dislocated one or two of his vertebrae when I tackle hugged him ;)

    2. Sometimes love hurts. ;) LOL


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