25 June 2016

Another pink manicure

Hi everyone!

Yep, you read that right... more pink, but definitely not girly this time ;)

When I asked my husband to pick out a nice, bright, preferably holographic polish, he brought me Il était un vernis My Favorite Popsicle... a pink! I just removed the barbie pink from my nails and he brings me another pink. Men...

But since I told him he could pick anything he wanted as long as it was bright and colorful and he chose pink, I decided to use it to create a more mature manicure by combining it with black and white. And now that I look at my hands I think I succeeded :)

indoors, no flash

On my thumb, index and pinky you see three thin coats of Il était un vernis My Favorite Popsicle, a bright reddish pink that is stuffed with tiny glass flecks, shimmer and a small dash of holo. It applied like a charm and two coats are definitely sufficient if you pay attention to your nails instead of the episode of Person of Interest that is playing on the tv ;)

I painted my ring finger with two coats of Zoya Dahlia, a gorgeous textured black that I consider to be the most perfect way to add black to your manicure without going all goth.

Last but not least I painted my middle finger with two coats of OPI Alpine Snow and stamped the swirly flowers of Bundle Monster plate BM-711 using Cirque Colors Memento Mori (as I seem to have misplaced my usual black stamping polish, but fortunately Memento Mori stamps great as well). A coat of Seche Vite on all but my ring finger was enough to seal everything and make it all shiny and glossy.

The polishes that were used in this manicure:

Il était un vernis My Favorite Popsicle, Zoya Dahlia, OPI Alpine Snow, Cirque Colors Memento Mori

This is so much more me than my previous manicure and I'm pretty sure I'm not going to wear pink for at least a month! (disclaimer: this is no guarantee or promise ;) I do love the combination of the bright color with black and white so maybe I'll just replace the pink with a blue or a green holo to get some more wear-time out of this manicure... keep your eyes peeled for what may or may not happen ;)

I hope you're enjoying your weekend as much as I am. Take care and hope to be back soon!

Il était un vernis My Favorite Popsicle was bought from Il était un vernis.
Zoya Dahlia and Cirque Colors Memento Mori were bought from Pretty Polish.


  1. Just let the pink manis come, I'm ready for them - girly or not girly - I love this one!

    1. Hehe, I'll remember that... I promise to do a pink manicure for your birthday (if I figure when that is of course ;)

  2. Oooh pretty. I love Dahlia, seriously need to find me a black textured polish.

    1. Thanks! And go, go! Find a black texture... it's the most used texture in my stash (and yes, I have a backup ;)

  3. Beautiful!! <3 I don't know what's up with men and pink. That's usually the recommendation I end up getting. So weird...

    1. Thank you :) Must be the part where they still think of us as girls ;)

  4. Ziet er leuk uit, moet vanavond toch ook even tijd nemen voor mijn nagels


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