09 June 2016

Emerald elegance

Hi everyone!

On my nails today (and yesterday and the days before that, as I did this manicure last Monday but didn't have the time to write a post about it until now...) is my vision of an elegant, emerald manicure, and below you can read how I ended up with it on my nails (or you can just check the bottle shot to see what polishes were used :)

indoors, no flash

I wanted to do something with emerald and elegance for this week's ABC Challenge (as those were the only two words that started with an E that I could come up with and after the doodoo suggestion from last week I was kind of hesitant to ask my husband for inspiration ;)

To me tone on tone stamping is very elegant so that part of the planning was done. After that I decided to figure out what kind of green emerald is and lo and behold it's the green in a-england Saint George, which just happens to be one of the polishes that stamps best for me. All I needed now was a base that came close to Saint George and an image to stamp. Another thing that I associate with elegance is symmetry and geometry so I had to find a image that was symmetrical and consisted of lines... enter MoYou London Suki 05. Last thing to find was the base and after comparing Saint George to a bajillion greens (and even contemplating to drop the tone on tone part and go with a light green) I spotted China Glaze Exotic Encounters: a smidge lighter, a bit dusty... perfect!

On my thumb, index and pinky you see two thin coats of a-england Saint George. It's definitely a one coater if I used a slightly thicker coat to start with but I didn't so this is two thin ones. My middle and ring finger are done in two coats of China Glaze Exotic Encounters and stamped with an image from MoYou London Suki 05 using Saint George. I've taken a picture using flash to hopefully show the stamp a bit better. And as usual I finished with a coat of Seche Vite.

indoors, with flash
The bottle shot:

a-england Saint George, China Glaze Exotic Encounters

Even though I'm kind of sad I didn't have the time to paint my nails again this week I absolutely didn't mind wearing this manicure for as long as I did. It's been gorgeous sunny weather so I've been mesmerized by the sparkles on more than one occasion (boring meetings anyone? ;) and I loved wiggling my nails to see them shoot sparks in all directions. Also it reminded me I don't have to do all sorts of complicated, time consuming techniques to get a manicure that I love (although I don't think I can ever go back to plain polished nails ;)

What do you think? Do these meet the requirements when it comes to elegance and emerald?

These are the manicures the other ladies have done with the letter E:

a-england Saint George was bought from Pretty Polish.
China Glaze Exotic Encounters was bought from Nail Polish Fashion (closed).


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