16 June 2016

Flames skittlette

Hi everyone!

You probably guessed it already, another quick post :)

For the letter F in the ABC Challenge I wanted to do flames. Of course there are zillions of ways to do flames: stamping, needle drag, freehand (yeah right, as if...), gradient stamping.. and then there is the agony of choosing colors. I'll spare you the thought process, in the end I settled for decals of blue flames:

indoors, no flash

The dark blue that I used in two thin coats on my thumb and index and that I used to stamp the flames  from DRK plate DRK-B is Barry M Blue Plum.

The icy blue chrome that is painted in one coat on my pinky and that was used to color in the flames is essie Blue Rhapsody.

Last but not least is Barry M Cotton, two thin coats on my middle and ring finger before I added the decals and a generous coat of Seche Vite to seal everything.

Barry M Blue Plum, Barry M Cotton, essie Blue Rhapsody

I'm quite happy with these, they are exactly what I planned them to be (except for the slightly balder spot on my pinky that I only spotted when I was cropping the picture but I still can't see it in real life).

I only now realize the flames are upside down... I should have put the decals on the other way around! So to make sure you don't hurt your neck... yippee for the rotate option in Photoshop:

See? They really are flames...
I guess I better show you the other F manicures by people who actually THOUGHT before they acted (and stop acting goofy):

I hope you have a great day and remember... just two more until it's weekend!!

Barry M Blue Plum and Barry M Cotton were bought from Alice & Jo (psssst, Ithi... they sell Matte White as well!)


  1. Oh my goodness that's gorgeous!! It actually does look like you freehanded the flames since Blue Rhapsody matches the blue in the very center. Great job!

    1. Thanks! Hehe, the center was filled in with Blue Rhapsody (that I totally blame you for tempting me to get it btw) so yep, it definitely matches ;)

  2. Those blue flames are so gorgeous - love it!


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