09 April 2017

Another gradient

Hi everyone!

When selecting colors for my green-to-blue gradient I had also put aside three polishes by Il était un vernis that were in the pink/purple range. They combined perfectly so I decided to use them for another gradient. I added a very dark purple polish to the lineup and a white tribal stamp and here's the result:

indoors, no flash

The three IEUV polishes are from the same collection, Tales of Love, that was released in Spring 2016 and all have the same subtle holo sparkles and are filled with pink to gold shifting flakies... basically they're gorgeous ;)

So let me tell you what I did to create this manicure.

I started by painting my thumb, index and pinky with two coats of Il était un vernis Heart. Skips. A. Beat, a pretty blue toned purple, and my middle and ring finger received two coats of Il était un vernis A Thousand Kisses, a lovely pinkish nude. When all that had dried I sponged a gradient using (cuticle to free end, so darkest to lightest): a-england Polovetsian Dances, IEUV Heart. Skips. A. Beat, IEUV Crazy Little Thing and IEUV A Thousand Kisses. It took four rounds of sponging as A Thousand Kisses was a bit sheer but the end result was definitely worth it, I think. I finished by stamping a tribal image from Bundle Monster plate BM-XL202 (collaboration with Chit Chat Nails) using Hit the Bottle Snowed In and a generous coat of Seche Vite on all nails.

These are the polishes I used:
Il était un vernis A Thousand Kisses, Il était un vernis Crazy Little Thing, Il était un vernis Heart. Skips. A. Beat,
a-england Polovetsian Dances, Hit the Bottle Snowed In

I love doing gradients and this one came out even better than I hoped it would so it really was a pleasure wearing this manicure. Sure, I could have placed the stamp a bit better but when the sun hit my nails the pink and holo sparkles were so beautiful no one noticed that it was a bit off center so I didn't mind too much. I hope you can overlook that little imperfection too :)

Il était un vernis A Thousand Kisses, Il était un vernis Crazy Little Thing, Il était un vernis Heart. Skips. A. Beat and a-england Polovetsian Dances were bought from The Nailista Shop.
Hit the Bottle Snowed In was bought from Hypnotic Polish.


  1. Joyce, this looks so so pretty! I love the stamped nail, the gradient underneath really makes it look magical! I didn't notice anything being off center until I read it - but I still can't see it. I can't even stamp properly so I'm in awe of manicures like this! <3

  2. Ok, now you're just showing off. LOVE this! Again with the colours. <3 <3 <3

    1. Hehe, those colors were just made for each other :D


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