20 April 2017

Dutch spring on my nails

Hi everyone!

I wanted something nice on my nails for Easter but I hit a total block... no inspiration at all! While trying to come up with something (and my mood deteriorating at an increasing rate in the process) I happened to look out the window at the rain falling from the cloudy sky and the total lack of anything even remotely close to spring and tadaa... the little cogs in my head FINALLY started turning! I decided to do a spring manicure but one inspired on the springtime we currently have: gray, gray and more gray, and some tulips thrown in for good measure as I live in Holland and we're famous for our tulips of course :)

I started out by painting all my nails with two coats of Hema 403 Dutch Clouds, a very aptly named light gray creme polish that is sold in one of our local department stores and that has a surprisingly good formula, especially considering the lower than cheap price the polish is sold for.

After that had dried sufficiently I painted my thumb, index and pinky with a coat of Seche Vite, followed by a coat of Catrice Silk Matt Top Coat to give it a satin matte finish (which turned out almost completely matte... but that's just a tiny detail ;)

My middle finger was covered with a coat of Catrice Liquid Metal 09 Never No To Holo, a slightly sheer gray polish with a subtle linear holo effect, a coat of ILNP My Private Rainbow (L+S) to add a little more sparkle without changing the color and of course a coat of Seche Vite.

My ring finger received a coat of Seche Vite to make sure it was dry and was stamped with tulips from Born Pretty plate BP-L001 using Hit the Bottle Snowed In. Another coat of Seche Vite to seal everything was all that was left for me to do before I was ready to take pictures.

The polishes that made up my rendition of Dutch spring:

Hema 403 Dutch Clouds, Catrice Liquid Metal 09 Never No To Holo, ILNP My Private Rainbow (L+S), Hit the Bottle Snowed In

I didn't expect it but I absolutely loved this almost-monochrome version of spring. The gray and the barely there tulips somehow were a perfect match for my mood (which was pretty lousy to be honest) and later, when both the sky and my frame of mind had cleared a bit, the holo gave it just that bit extra next to the matte. Surprisingly enough I received a lot of compliments while I was wearing this manicure so I guess I wasn't the only one who was grumpy ;)

How is your spring weather? Is it as cold and gray and bleak as mine or do you get to enjoy the sunshine and the flowers and all the other stuff someone over here forgot to order?

ILNP My Private Rainbow (L+S) and Hit the Bottle Snowed In were bought from Hypnotic Polish.


  1. I am trying to find a polite way of saying shut the front door. I am obsessed! I love this so much!

    It's currently autumn time here and even though usually autumn means sunny days and chilly nights, the last few days has been grey and cold and rainy. Our spring however, is beautiful sunny days but still cool enough at night so that you don't hate the summer before it has even started. :/ It's very humid here so when it's hot its horrid.

  2. How about 'please close the main entrance"? Doesn't sound as good though ;)

    Usually our spring isn't too bad but this year... oh well, at least it's a good inspiration for manicures.


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